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grace & truth Macrame Keychain Amazing Grace

All sizes are available!

Celebrate God’s grace with this inspirational “Amazing Grace” Keychain by grace & truth® in Maroon with a hand-crafted look and feel. God’s grace is one of our greatest blessings, and worthy of sharing. You’ll love carrying this thoughtful, practical reminder of your faith, or giving one as a gift.

God asks us to extend grace to everyone, just as He does for us. Forgive freely, and you open room in your heart and life for God’s forgiveness for you, and for His love. Life is richer when we accept God’s grace into our lives, and offer grace to those around us, too.

Share the message of God’s infinite love, and His unearned forgiveness, with this chic Amazing Grace keychain. God wants to know your colleagues, friends, and family, and a personal introduction to Jesus from you can make all the difference.

grace & truth® Keychain - Amazing Grace

  • Color: Maroon
  • 100% cotton
  • 7" hang length, 8.5" inside loop
  • Macrame rope style
  • Sturdy metal closer
  • Fits over wrist

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