Christian Necklaces and and Patriotic Dog Tags

Let Your Light Shine (Matthew 5:16)

Our inspired Christian necklaces are more than just fashion pieces. Our necklaces represent the ideals and values we hold dear as Christian Americans who love their country and God.

You’re One of a Kind (Matthew 10:30)

Each necklace represents a beautiful sentiment and statement that is as powerful as our necklaces are beautiful. Each necklace shares a unique message while showing off a simple, elegant beauty one can admire. 

Love Never Fails 

Our patriotic Dog Tag Necklaces are a fun way to show your American pride. These necklaces share messages such as “One Nation Under God,” “In God We Trust,” and “Armor of God.”

Love Like Jesus

These beautiful necklaces are centered on the teachings of Jesus Christ and are the perfect gift for anyone who holds their faith and love of their country near and dear to their hearts. 

One Nation Under God

Sharing the gift of our beautiful Christian necklaces also means spreading the word of Christ to the world in an inspirational and clever way that’s not too overbearing, but captures people’s attention and imagination. Our necklaces make for a gift for any occasion, especially for the Christmas and Easter seasons.

In God We Trust

Each necklace is made using quality materials such as gold-plated brass and is backed by our hassle-free returns policy. If you have any issues whatsoever, we’ll happily accommodate you. However, we are confident that you and your loved ones will love our inspirational necklaces.