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Hold Fast T Shirts, Hats, Tumblers, and More

Hold Fast Christian T-shirts are made for the man who isn't afraid to express that he believes in God, his nation, and his family.

Many Bible verses contain references to the phrase "hold fast," and when you wear a Hold Fast T-shirt with one of these references, it boils down to one thing: a strong Christian man must maintain his convictions despite attempts by others to persuade him otherwise.

Show the world your steadfast Christian beliefs by donning a Hold Fast T-shirt.

Bible Verses on Hold Fast® T-Shirts

In addition to expressions of patriotism, Kerusso's Hold Fast T-shirts and accessories are also printed with various inspirational Bible verses. One verse is from 1 Thessalonians 5:21, which tells us to carefully study everything but hold fast to the things that are good. Another comes from Hebrews 10:23, which urges us to never waver in the face of hope.

Kerusso's Hold Fast® T-Shirt Features

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Your Hold Fast T-shirt will go great with hats, socks, hoodies, and other items from Kerusso's collection. In addition to the Hold Fast brand, Kerusso offers exclusive items for women, children, and pets.