With over 30 years of experience, Kerusso is the world’s leading producer of Wholesale Christian T-shirts and innovative gift products. We can help you maximize your sales to these loyal customers. If you are interested in carrying our collection in your retail store or online store, or in becoming a distributor of Kerusso products, please complete the web form below, and a Kerusso representative will contact you shortly.


We have built a solid reputation when it comes to quality Christian clothing centered on our mission to herald the Good News of Jesus Christ through products that you can enjoy wearing, using, and giving to others. With every collection we produce, we make sure our products are impactful, durable, and all our shirts, comfortable and fun to wear.  

In 2018 we sold 2,631,289 shirts. An average of 10,808 shirts get shipped daily around the world. We have approximately 2,540 retail partners offering Kerusso apparel, accessories, and gifts. These partner retailers are based in the United States and around the world. 

Join us, and be one of our retail partners with access to the newest and best-selling Christian T-shirts and gifts. 

Benefits of Being a Kerusso Retailer

Sell Wholesale Christian T-shirts and other products, grow your sales, and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Great Margins on tees, jewelry, & gifts
  • $250 minimum on first order
  • Free shipping
  • 30 years of experience in the Christian apparel industry
  • Offer personalized and custom tees as well
  • We no longer permit sales of our products through online portal sites like Amazon, Walmart, Sears, and eBay. 


The Christian apparel industry has OVER $4 BILLION IN RETAIL SALES ANNUALLY. It’s a huge market that can grow even bigger as faith-based clothing moves forward with fashion and functionality. 

Who would be your customers when you sell Kerusso shirts, gifts, and other inspirational items​​? Consider these statistics: 

  • 94% of Americans say that they believe in God
  • 85% of Americans identify themselves as Christians
  • 50% of Americans use inspirational products
  • 33% of Americans purchase inspirational products

Our best-selling products and merchandising expertise will help you capture new business and fill a growing demand.


Kerusso has created Wholesale Christian Shirts, Christian Apparel, and Christian Gifts to proclaim the Good News to the world. Year after year, retailers rank Kerusso as the number one supplier of Wholesale Christian Shirts, Christian Apparel, Christian Gifts, and more.

In addition, Kerusso has been recognized by Inc. Magazine, Impressions Magazine, Christian Retailing, and more for outstanding business practices and products. Throughout the years, Kerusso has been featured on Fox News, ABC, The Wall Street Journal, and many more media outlets.

Wholesale Christian Apparel

Retail stores are experiencing new sales with Wholesale Christian T-shirts and Apparel from Kerusso. Our choices for Christian Shirts are diverse and inclusive, as shown below.

  • T-SHIRTS: Every Kerusso shirt embodies our mission of T-shirt Evangelism, and it’s rightfully our primary product. We believe in the power of a shirt in sharing the Good News, with the potential to be read as many as 3,000 times and reach countless people around the world. 

We focus on the message of our shirts based on Bible verses and powerful words to live by. To make it easier to proclaim and spread His Word, we design our shirts to be fun, stylish, and of top-notch quality.

Kerusso Shirt selection caters to all genders and ages, including babies. We have also made our T-shirts available in various sizes with measurement guides and charts to find your size easily. 

You can find our Christian T-shirts under the flagship Kerusso brand and others with a more focused demographic and specialty. Our brands, including those for jewelry and accessories, include the following: 

  • grace & truth collection for modern women
  • Cherished Girl for those who love inspirational hand-drawn designs 
  • Hold Fast for rugged individualists
  • Kerusso Kidz for school kids 
  • Kerusso Baby shirts for 6–24 months
  • Faith Gear inspirational accessories for women and men 
  • Paws & Pray accessories for pets

Learn more about Kerusso brands here

  • HATS: We offer a wide range of Christian caps and hats for day-to-day fashion and protection. As with any of our products, our Christian hats feature motivational and interesting designs. It’s the way one can wear a Kerusso hat anytime, anywhere. 

We also have beanies that are colorful, cool, cute, and practical.  

  • HOODED TEES: Our selection of Christian hooded tees is made to inspire and keep you warm. The hooded tees can be wearable reminders of courage, strength, and other positive messages. 
  • SOCKS: Complete the look with socks that are full of faith and fun. May these breathable and comfortable socks bless your sole and whoever wears them.

Our range of apparel includes jackets, raglans, and long-sleeve shirts. Activewear shirts are also available. There’s a Christian shirt for every person of faith and proclaimer of Good News.

By tapping into the Christian consumer base and using Kerusso’s proven merchandising system, The Light House Apparel Center, Wholesale Christian Wear is increasing business.

Wholesale Christian Gifts

Unique and innovative Wholesale Christian Gifts are available from Kerusso. Retail stores of all shapes and sizes are enjoying more sales because of the outstanding Wholesale Christian Gifts that Kerusso creates.

We offer a full selection of gifts you can give to your friends and family members on birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions. Each item is designed to be useful, durable, and, best of all, meaningful. 

In addition to cool T-shirts, we’ve got these creative and amazing gift ideas:

  • There’s plenty to see in the Christian Accessories section for everyone. Jot your prayers and reflections with inspirational journals. Organize your stuff with pretty and practical tote bags. Proclaim the Good News one sticker or decal at a time. Be in for a nice surprise for other items.
  • Hold coffee, tea, and other beverages with tumblers and mugs that remind one to be kind, brave, and hydrated. Check out our Christian Drinkware collection.
  • Pets also get pampered with nice gifts, like bandannas and collars for dogs, under the Paws and Pray brand.  

There can be more gifts and items for every loved one, every occasion, and every budget.

Wholesale Christian Jewelry

Kerusso has created multiple lines of exceptional and original Wholesale Christian Jewelry. Everything from Christian Rings and Christian Bracelets to Christian Necklaces will set your store apart with Wholesale Christian Jewelry that isn’t found in every other retail store.

Our selection of Christian Jewelry combines substance and style—that is, sharing inspirational truths true to one’s personal taste. You can wear them every day, as each is made with quality materials and designed to be comfortable.  

Perfect as gifts or personal items, anyone who loves to accessorize can appreciate these: 

  • Our lovely necklaces in gold, rose gold, etc., keep faith close to one’s heart with charming designs and inspirational cards. Dog Tag necklaces also offer daily inspiration.    
  • A bracelet or two can complement any of our necklaces. Our bracelets are beautifully crafted—some colorful, some simple, yet all with a distinctive charm.   
  • We may add other kinds of jewelry to our collection from time to time.

Christian Jewelry for women, as well as for men, serves as precious and wearable reminders of God’s grace and love. For people who are into fashion, wearing a keepsake necklace or bracelet that expresses their faith and style is a win-win situation. There are many ways to style a shirt with vintage or contemporary accessories, demonstrating a market for jewelry as part of Christian fashion.

Kerusso is recognized as the worldwide leader and producer of Christian Shirts. So contact us today and learn how you can tap into the $4 billion Christian product industry.

Partner with Kerusso in spreading the Good News of Christ while building your business. We’ll guide you every step of the way. Our sales consultants will help you create the perfect mix of Christian Clothing, Christian Jewelry, Christian Gifts, Christian Accessories, and Christian Toys for your store.

Start Selling Kerusso Products

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