If You Would Like To Increase Your Store’s Profits In 2019, Then Here Is Proof 

Kerusso® Light House And Cherished Girl™ Displays Will Give You What You’re Looking For (And Probably Much More)!


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Kerusso Activewear Inc. has developed a T-shirt and gift display that is proven to practically sell the merchandise for you. These displays are the result of some of the most intense retail research done in this market in the last 30 years.


Not in some academic marketing classroom.


Not “in theory.”


No, this research was done in real retail stores just like yours, counting real dollars spent by real people.


But don’t take our word for it. Here is what just a few of our happy customers have written in to tell us:


"The Kerusso Light House 10 makes MORE MONEY per square foot than ANY OTHER display in our store!

— Rodney F., Seasons Shoppe

"I have 3 Light House spinners and a Kidz Spinner. I do not regret my decision to have all 4. Our T-shirt sales have increased by 164 shirts (22%) over the last year after bringing in the fourth display."

— Kay E., Gideon’s Trumpet


"We’ve seen great results with our T-shirt sales since putting in the Light House several years ago. It is one of the most popular spots and productive categories in our store. Thank you Kerusso!"


— Loreen U., J.O.Y Bookstore


“One of the best products we have had in the Gift Shop. We average sales of 150 shirts per month, and a large portion of these sales are repeat customers.

— Jill L., Trinity Health


I have tried T-shirts with other companies over the years, but I haven’t had success with them until I tried Kerusso T-shirts. Your displays have really made a difference! Now the T-shirt business has become a substantial part of my business. I look at the results of my sales to determine what I do, and I now have 3 Kerusso T-shirt displays.

— Tony H., Vine and Branches


"Kerusso is one of my top gift lines — second only to Coca-Cola!"

— Mike F., Sav More Drugstores


Since I opened my store in April with one Light House Apparel Center, I have seen such great sales that I have added 5 more Light House displays. I now carry every Kerusso shirt available!”


— Johnny W., Jewelry Island


Here’s the deal: Managing a successful retail business can be hard. Running your business takes smarts, guts, and a lot of juggling to make sure every aspect gets the attention it needs to thrive:


  • Choosing the right merchandise mix to maximize your profit potential
  • Training a competent team to accomplish sales goals
  • Planning sales promotions that drive traffic
  • Engaging with customers in the shop, on social media and in email
  • Inventory management
  • Accounting
  • Just to name a few...


Some days all those balls keep spinning and all is well, but sometimes a ball or two may drop, rolling away into an unused corner while you strive to keep everything else afloat.


The good news is, you can manage every aspect of your business without losing sight of any of these important functions, and without feeling like a circus clown!


You need more than mere stuff to stock your shelves; you need product-based solutions that assist you with developing a keen merchandise mix, managing inventory, and eking every last dollar in ROI out of every square inch of your store.


Kerusso has proven products and the practical solutions your business needs to thrive:


  • Monthly sales reports not based on our internal sales needs or a hunch, but based on which products retail customers are actually buying across the country. We send this proprietary information to our entire wholesale client base on a monthly basis — and we’d love to share this with you.
  • Merchandising solutions, such as our Light House apparel + accessories display, that are proven to move product and solve challenges like premium display and inventory management for multiple product categories.
  • Personalized business coaching to help you make the most of your team, products and sales success.


Kerusso offers quality inspirational apparel + gear at attractive price points, and product-based solutions that nearly run themselves. In addition, our dedicated team of Account Managers are more than sales professionals; they are business coaches, too.


Our business is only successful if your business is successful, and our goal is to support your success at every level.


Our very best advice for retailers? Stop wasting your time and money with untested product lines that don’t produce. The Christian products industry generates $4 Billion in sales each year, and you can be part of this thriving market segment with confidence when you partner with Kerusso to sell inspirational T-shirts, jewelry, and gifts.


Sign up now and get access to Kerusso’s best:

  • Great Margins on Tees, Jewelry, Gifts and more
  • Award-Winning designs from the industry leader
  • Custom clothing and gift designs for brand or resale
  • Short shipping times to most parts of the United States from our Northwest Arkansas location
  • Personal coaching from an expert sales rep who knows you by name, and will call you to check on you, based on your actual sales volume, and who you can call anytime.
  • Our team calls some of our clients every month. Some a couple times a week, if they’re moving high volume. It all depends on what your needs are, and what you’re comfortable with. We just want you to know we’ve got your back, and will do everything we can to make sure you succeed (and have fun doing it).


“If you bring the traffic, we’ll bring you the sales!”


For a long time, our sales team has made this pitch. Because they know it’s true.


If you can bring traffic into your store, Kerusso products and displays will basically sell themselves. Especially once you’ve got a good relationship with your sales rep, and have an expert coach by your side every business day from here ‘til Kingdom come.



We’ve got this down to a science, and we hear weekly from retailers all around the country about just how much EASIER and profitable their business lives are as a result of doing business with Kerusso.



“Kerusso tees outsell all other-shirt lines I carry.  Even when I put the other lines on sale, Kerusso still outsells the other brands.”

Kim Burns, Living Room Bookstore


“Our customers prefer the Cherished Girl Tees over all the other brands we carry.  We love wearing them.  We wear them as a walking Witness for the Lord.”


Melinda Shaw, Melinda’s Fine Gifts


“An awesome company to work with. I love having their product in our store and knowing that each shirt sold helps spread the gospel. Thanks for all you do.”


Donna Harrel


“It is an honor for Ruth's Christian Bookstores to partner with Kerusso in spreading the gospel through their apparel.     Kerusso's t-shirts and jewelry sell wonderful!  Kerusso's product provide a powerful way for my customers to witness to the world!


Natalie Church, Ruth’s Christian Bookstore



If you’re ready to see your profits soar, and to have an expert coach who has got your back every business day of the year, then sign up with Kerusso by filling out the form below: