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Attract More Customers

We provide you with the #1 brand of inspirational T-shirts, jewelry, and gifts so you can tap into the thriving $4 Billion per year Christian products industry.


Generate More Sales

Our Light House and Cherished Girl displays practically sell the t-shirts for you, it’s like having an extra sales person!


Join A Winning Team

For over 30 years Kerusso has been the industry leading producer of Christian T-shirts around the world. Stop wasting your time and money with untested product lines that don’t produce the results you need!


“It amazes me that people come into our store just to buy Kerusso T-shirts. I should have stocked Kerusso a long time ago!”

Nona – Denver City Ace Hardware

“I am so happy I have picked up this new line, I have doubled my sales in T-shirts since I brought them in."

Beth – Shady Maple Gift Shop

“Kerusso t-shirts are doing so well and out sell the other shirts so much that I am not ordering t-shirts from any other company anymore.”

Laurie – Shocco Spring Bookstore

“The Kerusso Light House makes MORE MONEY per square foot than ANY OTHER display in our store!”

Rodney – Season Shoppe

“Kerusso tees outsell all other-shirt lines I carry. Even when I put the other lines on sale, Kerusso still outsells the other brands.”

Kim – Living Room Bookstore



With high margin proven best-sellers.


To help you and your team experience ongoing success.


That give you proprietary information to make profitable buying decisions.


Proven to sell more products faster without taking up a lot of space.

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