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Thank you for your interest in selling our Kerusso® branded products. If you also want to sell our products on eCommerce sites or if you are an eCommerce-only retailer, please be advised that we no longer permit sales of our products through online portal sites like Amazon, Walmart, Sears, eBay, etc. If you are a retailer with a valid sales tax ID who would like to learn more about selling Kerusso products, please fill out the form below.

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For more than a decade Kerusso Christian T-shirts, jewelry and gifts have been helping drop shippers tap into the $4.6 billion Christian product market. From eBay and Amazon storefronts to websites dedicated to Christian apparel and evangelistic tools Kerusso provides drop shippers with the products, service and technology to succeed and experience extraordinary sales.

So, why do drop shippers look to Kerusso when it comes to Christian clothing, Christian jewelry and Christian gift products?

  • 45% Margins – No minimum purchase
  • No Dropshipper Fees
  • Full product graphics and product spreadsheet
  • Detailed SEO Strategy and structure analysis
  • We no longer permit sales of our products through online portal sites like Amazon, Walmart, Sears, eBay, etc.

Kerusso brings more than 30 years of Christian clothing and Christian accessory experience to the table. With a team of designers and artists who are on the cutting edge of today’s t-shirt and jewelry trends Kerusso delivers what consumers want and are demanding. Year after year Kerusso is recognized by retailers and industry leaders for their best-selling products.

As a Kerusso drop shipper you have instant access to hundreds of Kerusso products including best-selling and award-winning Christian T-shirts, Christian jewelry and Christian gifts. You also have the ability to provide your customers with Kerusso’s line of Christian toys and accessories.

In the world of ecommerce and comparison-shopping sites you have to stay competitive as a drop shipper. Kerusso understands this need and provides you with generous discounts and minor fees that allow you to offer low prices to your customers while maximizing your profits.

As a drop shipper you need a supplier that understands the importance of quick processing and prompt shipments. Kerusso combines a high tech distribution facility and strong relationships with FedEx and USPS to provide outstanding fulfillment to your customers.

When you become a drop shipper you have access to a number of free marketing resources. Kerusso will provide you with professionally designed banners of various sizes along with model shots to help promote your Kerusso Christian T-shirts, Christian jewelry and accessories.

You won’t find another supplier that offers quicker support or more attentive service than Kerusso. Voted #1 by retailers year after year Kerusso delivers outstanding support to drop shippers and their customers. Kerusso understands that we represent your brand to your customers and we don’t take that lightly. That’s why you always get the help you deserve from a dedicated service representative that will quickly handle any issue you have. Our goal is to wow you every time with our support and service.

You need to keep your business running fast and smooth without interruption. Kerusso helps you stay on track by providing all of our drop shippers with the online tools you need to export an entire batch of product data into an Excel spreadsheet. This data includes hundreds of product descriptions and images that can be uploaded into almost any shopping cart software.

Begin to capture your share of the loyal Christian product consumer by offering Kerusso Christian T-shirts, Christian jewelry, Christian gifts and Christian accessories. Contact us today and let one of our drop ship experts help you get started. Just fill out the form to the side and we’ll be in touch with you right away!

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