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"WOW! 'Cherished Girl' is HOT! We sold a third of the shirts on the display in just 9 days! I'm very excited about this brand!"
Jaylen LaGrande
Religious Expressions
"We get compliments on- and sales of- Kerusso merchandise daily!"
Dee Seehorn
Pine Country Gift Shop
“It’s way too hard to limit choices to only a couple of Kerusso shirts. The selection is great!”
Darlene Kyle
“I drive a truck and stopped at a truck stop in South Carolina to fuel up. As I was walking through the store, Kerusso’s display caught my eye. I stopped and checked out the T’s, awesome to say the least!.”
Keith Britt – Newton Grove, NC
“If we as Christ followers are to be “fishers of men,” then Kerusso has empowered us to bring them in . . . hook, line, and sinker!”
Cherie Hill
“I LOVE Kerusso- the products, the message, and the empowering feeling to continue to bring in FRESH product.”
“I purchased the LAC10 and was very pleased, not only by the ease and versatility of it, but the quality of the tees that came with it!”
Betty Moon
Silsbee, TX
“Cherished Girl is FLYING off the shelves!”
Melinda Vitale Shaw
Melinda’s Fine Gifts
“Kerusso display systems CONTINUE to generate PROFITS for my store! The Light house, the Kidz, the Beacon—all of them!”
Angie Adams
Guiding LIght Christian Store

Start Your Own Business

Christian-T-Shirt-Gifts-DisplayHave you ever thought about starting your own business? Do you dream of the independence and freedom that starting a small business can bring? If so, you might be wondering how to take the first step.

The answer is Kerusso.

Why Sell Kerusso Products?

  • Great Margins On Tees, Jewelry, & Gifts
  • $250 Minimum on first order
  • Free Shipping on orders over $250
  • 27 Yrs Experience in Christian Apparel
  • Offer Personalized and Custom Tees as well

Kerusso is currently offering the opportunity to become a dealer, drop shipper, or distributor of our best-selling Christian-themed T-shirts and products.

This is a turn-key solution to starting your own business, providing you with the opportunity to apply your own business ideas to a line of merchandise that has been proven to sell. In fact, Christian merchandise is an over-four-billion-dollars-a-year industry, with a dedicated, passionate, and underserved customer base that wants to buy what you have to sell.

Kerusso is the global leader in Christian apparel and Christian-themed gifts and has been a respected and dependable business partner for over 25 years. We’ve been recognized by Inc. Magazine and featured in leading outlets like the Wall Street Journal and Fox News. Plus, our brand is purchased, worn, and recommended by hundreds of thousands of consumers around the world.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could put that kind of established brand power to work while starting a small business? With Kerusso, it’s not only possible…it’s actually easier than you might think.

Kerusso is invested in your success. In fact, we offer advantageous business terms that can help you to start your own business and quickly head for success. These terms include:

  • Free freight on orders of $250 and more, including your initial order and your reorders, so you can save money and reinvest in your own small business.
  • 90-day exchanges on products so your inventory is fresh and appealing to your customers.
  • Free inventory assistance from a dedicated field rep team that is personally dedicated to the success of your small business.

Plus, when it comes to starting a small business, you can’t do much better than a fully guaranteed six-month trial in your store!

That’s right—if, within six months, you decide that Kerusso products are not compatible with your own business ideas, just call us. We’ll send a call tag to pick up all your products at no charge. Once the products are returned, we’ll return your money with no questions asked.

Ready to start your own business? Simply fill out the form you see on this page. Your information is always kept confidential and is never shared with anyone.

Remember, Kerusso is ready to help you if you’re starting your own small business. Your success is our success. Let’s celebrate it together!

Start Selling Kerusso Products

If you are interested in learning more about selling Kerusso products in your retail store, please fill out the form below.

Fill out my online form.

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