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Christian School Supplies

Kerusso’s lines of Christian school supplies are helping students on campuses throughout the country proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. Even though prayer was removed from public schools in 1962 believers can still be salt and light in the classroom, representing Christ through the clothes they wear and even the school supplies they carry.

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Kerusso has created a line of spiral bound notebooks, folders and journals that feature the same award winning graphics and designs as our Christian t-shirts. These school supplies can help you start conversations about your faith. Whether you are having lunch, playing ball or studying in the library each Kerusso notebook, folder and journal has been designed to grab the attention people so you can engage them in a conversation about the God you serve.

Why carry a plain old notebook, folder or journal when you can carry one that expresses what you believe and who you have committed your life to following? How many times have you sat a table or desk with an unbeliever and wished the opportunity would present itself to talk about Jesus? Let’s face it; sometimes the words don’t come easy when it comes to sharing our faith. The situation can be awkward and we don’t know how to “break the ice” and begin the conversation. But here’s some encouragement, a Kerusso notebook, folder or journal can act as a great icebreaker when it comes to sharing your testimony with others. Just by simply setting down your notebook or folder on the desk and letting the message that is printed on it catch the eye of someone could be just the thing to get a life-changing moment under way.

Don’t underestimate the potential life-changing power of something as simple as a spiral notebook, folder or journal printed with a message from God’s word. As you carry one of these school supplies onto your campus let the Holy Spirit use you to bring the message of Christ to your friends and campus.