Kerusso Unveils Important Research on Faith-Sharing Success of Christian-Message T-Shirts

BERRYVILLE, AR – Vic Kennett, President and Chief Executive Officer of Kerusso, the premier producer of Christian-themed clothing in the U.S., announced findings from the 2009 Christian Apparel Faith & Motivational Research Report revealing why many Christians wear faith-based T-shirts. The research showed that 98 percent of survey respondents declared that they desired the message on their Christian T-shirts to be noticed by unbelievers, and that 56.8 percent of Christians wearing faithapparel actually had an unbeliever ask about the message on their garment.

One piece of data showed 7.4 percent of unbelievers made a decision to accept Jesus Christ as their savior immediately from the faith-apparel discussion with a Christian T-shirt wearer. Among other interesting findings, 44.4 percent reported that while wearing a Christian T-shirt they shared Christ with unbelievers and asked them if they wanted to commit their lives to Christ.

“The 2009 Christian Apparel Faith & Motivational Research Report shows what we’ve thought for more than two decades: Christian T-shirts help people Do the ‘Great Commission’ in their community, said Kennett. “Anyone can be an evangelist, as they allow God to speak through him or her, prompted by the message on a Christian T-shirt. Impressions magazine said the average T-shirt may be read as many as 3,000 times before it’s thrown away.”

“As a result of this significant study, Kerusso is launching the Change Your Shirt! Change the World™ campaign to encourage Christians to put on a Christian-message T-shirt and share their faith,” said Kennett.

“We challenge youth groups, college groups and work groups across America to find a Kerusso T-shirt, put it on, go about their daily routine, and watch for people reading their shirt,” he said. “When they do, strike up a conversation, and share Jesus.” As a way of encouraging other believers and tracking the impact of wearing Kerusso T-shirts wearers are being encouraged to visit Kerusso’s website and upload their videos, photos and stories.

One survey respondent reported, “I wear many Christian shirts to make people think. Even if they don’t ask (about the message) I know it brings Jesus to their attention.” Another said, “I like wearing Christian T-shirts, because it provides so many opportunities (to share faith) and helps those around me in so many ways.”

Kennett stated that a shop owner in Colorado recently reported two ladies looking at Kerusso Christian apparel in their store. The store-owner continued to build a relationship with the ladies as they regularly visited the store and after a few weeks one of the ladies made a decision to accept Christ.

The national research was conducted in January 2009. Of the 395 individuals in the convenience sampling, results showed: 25.7 percent of the respondents were under 30 years old, 26.4 percent were 31 to 40, and 47.9 percent were 41 or older. Gender response included 57.4 percent females, and 42.6 percent males.

Kerusso apparel, jewelry, gifts and accessories are available in thousands of retailer stores nationwide. Lighthouse Apparel Centers, Kerusso’s apparel display system, will surpass 2,000 sometime next month.

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