Kerusso Challenges Students to Share Their Faith on Campus!

Berryville, ARK. – Vic Kennett, President & CEO of Kerusso, the premier producer of Christian-themed apparel in the U.S., is encouraging students across the nation to take advantage of their Religious freedoms by expressing their Christian faith through what they wear.

Students have First Amendment rights on a public school campus that cannot be denied without reason. Among their rights regarding religion on campus is the free distribution of Christian literature when class is not in session. In addition, students have the freedom to communicate Christian messages through apparel and/or school supplies and the freedom of voicing to others their beliefs as long as it does not interfere with class time.

Amy Treat, with The ROC Bookstore shares, “I went to a parent teacher conference regarding my daughter and was told by her teachers what an inspiration it was for them to see her wearing the Gospel. Wearing her faith is an excellent talking point. It is so encouraging to me that my daughter has the desire to be a point of light to someone else – be it a teacher or fellow classmate!”

As a way of supporting their mission, earlier this year Kerusso became the lead sponsor of the national movement – Wear iT Wednesday. This movement encourages Christians to wear their favorite Christian T-shirts each Wednesday as a way to come together to share and proclaim their faith.

“Jesus told us to ‘Go into all the world and proclaim the Good News,’ and apparel is one way to do that,” Kennett states. “With the right message, a T-shirt can definitely aid in bringing someone to Christ.” While the average T-shirt’s message will be read about 3,000 times, the opportunities for evangelism, positive influence, camaraderie, encouragement and accountability are endless.

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