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Funny Christian Shirts

Humor makes life more enjoyable and the most difficult things easier to handle. A funny joke can put people at ease. The message of the gospel and what is at stake is no laughing matter, but there is nothing wrong with using appropriate humor to start a conversation that could potentially change a person's life.

Consider this statistic: one in five adults has no religious affiliation, and one in four under the age of 30 would describe themselves as atheist or agnostic. That’s nearly a quarter of the population; we need to find a way to start the conversation with these individuals. One way to try to reach them is with humor, like you’ll find on our funny Christian T-shirts.

Humor Is Disarming

Being funny is a way to disarm a potentially tense situation. In the case of sharing the gospel, the hard truth is that they have sinned and, just like all of us, deserve death and eternal separation from God. But when you are wearing a funny T-shirt like our “Smile God Loves You,” you get to easily share the other side of the coin - which is that even though we are sinners, God loves us and saved us.

“I Once Was Blind” Funny Tee

Through a funny T-shirt, you can give someone an “Aha!” moment and a laugh at the same time. On the “I Once Was Blind” funny T-shirt, there is a picture of someone riding a bike with a box over their head, but they don’t seem to have any idea that there is a problem…all while riding toward danger. That’s how we are before coming to Christ. Using that picture, the shirt will first catch someone’s attention and then help them to better understand the gospel message as you share it. Using funny Christian T-shirts is a great way to start conversations with nonbelievers. So pray for opportunities to share your faith and see what the Lord gives you as you share His gospel through T-shirt evangelism.