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Courageous Shirts

Courageous The Movie is the newest film from Sherwood Pictures (makers of Fireproof and Facing the Giants). Courageous follows the lives of four police officers as they take on the greatest challenge of their lives - fatherhood. In the spirit of previous Sherwood Pictures movies, Courageous keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Kerusso is honored to be the exclusive licensed apparel company for the movie Courageous.

Courageous T-Shirts

Kerusso is the exclusive creator and producer of Courageous T-shirts. These powerful Christian T-shirts take the message of courage, honor and serving God beyond the silver screen. Men not only carry a reminder of the Courageous message with them when they wear a Courageous T-shirt, they proclaim the message of fatherhood to everyone who reads it.

The messages, Honor Begins at Home and "As for Me and My House", are proclaimed through Kerusso's Courageous T-shirts, with designs for men and women. Imagine the conversations about fatherhood that can and will happen as a result of wearing a Courageous T-Shirt. Men and women can share the strength they have through Jesus Christ to be the father and mother that God has created them to be.

Courageous Hats

Kerusso hasn't limited the message to Courageous T-shirts. Kerusso has also created a great lookingCourageous Hat that gives anyone wearing it the opportunity to share how Honor Begins at Home and the importance of men becoming the fathers that God has called them to be. The Courageous Hat is perfect for the golf course, ball game or family picnic.

Wholesale Courageous T-Shirts

Kerusso has created a special display for Courageous Apparel to give retailers the perfect offering that will be in high demand beginning this September and well beyond. Wholesale Courageous T-Shirts are available now from Kerusso. 

Courageous is expected to be the biggest Christian Movie of the year, driving moviegoers to retailers as they search for resources to extend the ministry and mission of Courageous. Wholesale Courageous T-Shirts can be purchased as part of a package that includes the Courageous display and merchandising aids to help raise awareness and increase sales within any retail location.Contact your Kerusso sales consultant to order yours today.

Show Courageous In Your Church!

Want to help share about Courageous? Courageous offers a movie license required for public screenings. Are you interested in bringing Courageous to your local church? If so, click here to learn how!