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Flea Market Products

You…yes, you…can save some of the 30 million people who will otherwise die without salvation, through sharing the message with our Flea Market products. Whether it be a T-shirt, travel mug, key ring, or cap, our flea-market merchandize will draw in the curious, encourage conversation, spread the Good News, and make plenty of sales to boot. Check out the variety of products available and get ready to change lives.

Cross on a Hill Necklace has two round pendants suspended on the same chain— one features the cross on a hill, the second features a real wood disc...

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In God I Trust. He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.--Psalms 91:2

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It isn't enough to just be a good person, we have to Know Jesus as our Lord and Savior. That's what the Know Jesus t-shirt is all about. Without truly...

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We all deserve eternal death, but fortunately God has given us a free gift! The Cure t-shirt is about Christ being the cure for the death and destruction...

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Our happiness should be in Christ, that's why this t-shirt "Happy Is The Man" reminds us of that important fact. Psalm 144:15b serves as the basis for this...

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God's faithfulness knows no bounds and He is good "owl" the time. This play on words uses the popular owl design to make the point that God is always good....

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This Cherished Girl t-shirt is basesd on many people's life verse from Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to...

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Camo isn't just for guys, girls love it too! Our Happy Is the Girl t-shirt is camo and pink, just the way we like it, and still has the important message...

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Jesus Saves is the simplest form of the gospel message; and you can wear it in the form of a t-shirt. The cool cross motif will instantly communicate to...

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This tough t-shirt is based on the end of the Lord's Prayer; "...Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done…". By wearing this shirt you are proclaiming your desire...

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Kerusso's Nail Cross Necklace is 22.5 inches in length and is a popular item for young men. Get your Nail Cross Christian Necklace today!  

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Racing is hugely popular these days and just like in any of those races; we want to Race To Win the heavenly prize that is waiting for us. This racing...

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Why Flea-Market Merchandizing Works

Lots of folks are afraid to share their faith, and that's where T-shirt evangelism comes in. What better way to share the Word than by having people read the words you're wearing or carrying and then ask you about them? Think of the people combing flea markets every week—there are thousands of lost souls waiting to be saved!

A booth set up with a variety of appealing merchandise draws crowds. Our great designs catch the eye, and, best of all, there's something for everyone. Every product carries a different message and verse, and you know how personally some of His words touch us. There's sure to be one that encourages someone to pick up an item and read the words.  

Check out the mix of evangelical products and buy the mix that would be great for the swap meet in your area.

Flea-Market T-Shirts

You know what we say—"Change your shirt, change the world!" It's true. Start by wearing your own favorite evangelical T-shirt. Then stock your table with a variety of Christian T-shirts. Choose sizes to fit the entire family…from Dad to the littlest ones. A day at the flea market is a family affair, so make sure you have sizes to fit all.

Flea-Market Jewelry

Everyone loves jewelry, especially unique pieces. Some of the cool, popular products we carry are men’s Christian bracelets, women’s Christian bracelets, and canvas wristbands. We also carry a full line of Christian necklaces and rings stamped with a range of evangelical messages, so there's sure to be a message for everyone.

Flea-Market Hats

Who doesn't love baseball caps? Christian caps are great flea-market items because they stack and take less space. We have a variety of men's and women's styles, with messages sure to attract questions, interest, and sales. 

Other Flea-Market Items

Our flea-market product category has plenty to choose from. Here are a few items to stock:

You can change the world with the Kerusso products you sell at the flea market; in selling, you fulfill His command to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation” (Mark 16:15 NIV). You don't have to be preachy or specially trained to give an answer to a question about the Good News; the items do it for you. Get your Kerusso flea market products today and start changing the world one flea market at a time.