September 17, 2019 3 min read

Share Jesus 3,000 Times

Join the movement — just get dressed!


Did you know a graphic T-shirt will be read as many as 3,000 times before heading to the rag box!?

A Christian T-shirt effectively turns us into walking billboards, making each one of us ambassadors of the message on our shirts. Sharing your faith is easy to do when your T-shirt makes the introductions.

So, what is T-shirt evangelism?

T-shirt evangelism is purposefully choosing to wear Christian apparel while going about your everyday life, expecting to make an impact on those who see your influential shirt. Evangelism doesn’t just happen door-to-door with a Bible in hand, or on late-night television.

Evangelism takes place in everyday moments between believers like you, and a world desperately in need of God’s love.

When you stand in line at the store, cheer at your child’s soccer game, wear your favorite Christian T-shirt on casual Friday at the office, or walk the halls of your school, you can sow the seeds of God’s grace, love, and truth. That kid sitting next to you in school is soaking in the truth of the Gospel right there in class. Your neighbor who is going through a family crisis can see words of encouragement as you chat across your driveway. These encounters are often more powerful than you will ever know.

You and your T-shirt may be the only “Jesus” they will see. The scripture on your shirt may be the only “Bible” they will read.

Does T-shirt evangelism work?

We’ve always known that Christian T-shirts bearing God’s Word make an impact. The many comments and letters we receive from wearers tell how these shirts have helped them share their faith. But we wanted to know even more.

We conducted a survey among people who regularly wear Christian T-shirts and asked them several questions about their motives, and what happens when they wear the shirts.

We learned some remarkable things from our survey!

  • Ninety-eight percent of those surveyed wear Christian T-shirts in order to share their faith, and not just as a fashion statement.
  • Almost half of those surveyed said they’ve been able to share Christ with an unbeliever because the message on their T-shirt sparked a conversation.
  • One in 14 reported that they helped an unbeliever reach a decision to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior after having a conversation that began because they decided to wear a Christian T-shirt! #amen


How to be Part of the Movement

Step 1: Change your shirt.Fill your closet with cool faith-based T-shirts.

Step 2: Prepare your heart. How will you respond when someone asks about your shirt? Consider how you came to know Jesus, and the difference a relationship with Him makes in your life. Ask God to connect you with people in need of His love (#everyone), and expect Him to answer.

Step 3: Get dressed. Whether you’re the shy type or the boldest personality in the room, people will see and think about the message on your faith-based shirt.

Step 4: Change the world! A life without the light of God’s love is a life without hope. Shine God’s light. Tell others about Jesus. Give the gift of hope by sharing messages of hope on a Christian T-shirt, and by sharing your faith.

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