May 19, 2020 5 min read

Lights Shine Bright

Are you like a lot of people when it comes to the instruction booklet with a new item? We stare at it and eventually toss it, guessing we can just figure it out.

Yeah…that usually ends like dropping a carton of eggs.

The Bible is there for a reason. God’s Word is healing and light and a guide for each of us. That’s why it’s important to read it, and meditate on the words.

To the church at Philippi, Paul gave instruction from God, such as putting others before ourselves. Then the payoff:

Philippians 2:15 says, “ the stars in the sky.”

God’s way is infinitely better. If we focus on the right things, our own needs are then met in ways too spectacular for us to imagine. Focus on others and sharing the Good News, and we stand out like stars in the night sky!

Do life the right way: Read the instructions.

Let’s pray. Lord, you’ve shown us how to succeed in life and in the life to come. Help us share that with others. Amen.

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Helping Others Shine

Jerry wasn’t very good at a lot of things. He was shy and his grades weren’t stellar. He was bullied at school.

Then he was given a part in the Christmas play at church. No one ever gave Jerry a part, but his Sunday school teacher took God’s Word to heart and knew that if she could help this shy boy, it could change his life. She knew that Jerry was good with mechanical things, so she put him in charge of raising and spotlighting the famous Star of Bethlehem. The result of that defines our discussion this week of letting your light shine bright.

Philippians 2:15 says, “ the stars in the sky.”

When the time came in the play for the Star to be raised, the gleaming silver took everyone’s breath away. There in the shadows of the stage, where no one was looking at him, Jerry did his part. He shined that night, and afterward pats on the back replaced the taunts.

Think of someone you can help shine today.

Let’s pray. Lord, we are all weak vessels, yet you use us to tell others about Jesus. Thank you for that. Amen.

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All Those Stars

In the book of Romans, Paul tells us the evidences for the existence of God are so numerous in nature that anyone can believe in God. Surely one of the most compelling examples is in our night sky. When we look up at the heavens, it takes our breath away. The twinkling lights are like our own personal message from God.

All those stars…

Philippians 2:15 says, “ the stars in the sky.”

Astronomers tell us that each star is as unique as we are. We can see some burning dramatically, others are smaller-but-no-less-beautiful. All those infinite numbers dot the black backdrop, causing even the most cynical of us to marvel.

God has always intended for you to share your faith. Like a message written with stars, your story will resonate with people who wonder why you have joy in a crazy world. They will stop and consider what you have to say, because the light of Christ shines from the inside out.

That is a message worth telling!

Let’s pray. Lord, give us the courage to tell our stories, to share the Good News of what Christ has done for us! Amen.

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Helen Sunday

Helen Amelia Thompson was gifted, and her parents knew it. Later, everyone knew it as she married a fiery young evangelist named Billy Sunday.

What a name for this Gospel power couple!

What God brought out in Helen is a perfect example of our “Star week” topic found in Philippians.

Philippians 2:15 says, “ the stars in the sky.”

Billy was naturally shy and not great at organization. Guess what? Helen was great at it, and a lot of other things. In fact, she was so good at running an evangelistic organization that she became quite an evangelist in her own right! She wrote a nationally syndicated column and advocated for opportunities for women. Her memorable line was that the “doors to the dollhouse have been opened!”

Helen Sunday shined bright all through her life and remains a great example for us all.

Let’s pray. Lord, use us mightily to tell others about Christ. Help us leave this world one day with no regrets! Amen.

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Jesus is the Star

Do you ever feel that you aren’t suited for sharing your faith in Christ? Maybe you’re not comfortable around people. Maybe you’ve encountered some who are hostile to faith.

If so, then we are speaking to you this week as we conclude our talk about sharing your light in a dark world.

Philippians 2:15 says, “ the stars in the sky.”

Have you seen the movie, “The Ten Commandments?” It’s doubtful the real Moses looked and talked like Charlton Heston. And do we really think God looks for His witnesses among people who have that perfect British accent in a Jesus movie?

Nope. If we think we have to look or act a certain way, then we’re doing it wrong. God doesn’t ask our permission when giving us our marching orders for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Instead, He approaches us as He did Job: Stand up and listen to what I have to tell you.

You are called to shine a light for Christ in a world full of dark things. You are equipped, just as you are. God has called you. Be bold in Christ.

He is the Star. We are lights along the way.

Let’s pray. Lord, the time is now. So many need you. Help us shine for you every day. Amen.

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