Leila Kigha/Winnie Ngalame – Cameroon

“It is with a deep sense of gratitude, that we express our appreciation of your commitment to satisfy our needs towards the organization and implementation of our ongoing National Christian Gifts Trade Fair.

We allocated one of the best stands at our trade fair to the sale of your company products and it is our joy to announce to you that your products have consistently been awarded and recognized for their superior quality at the most reasonable price range by the over hundred visitors who visit the stands on a daily basis.

Our visitors are highly satisfied with your products which are engraved with the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ which we have been called to dispense to our nation, Cameroon, and beyond, and we will not be exaggerating to say that the demand for these products is high based on the several visitors who return with family and friends for more.

In view of the subsequent editions of the National Christian Gifts trade fair organized by the Gospel of Christ Ministries in Cameroon and the continent, under the oversight of Drs Shawn and Annie Smith, we will like to express our desire to work in partnership with you.

We will officially request to represent your company in the Central African sub region so that together we can fulfill the mandate we received which is; “to present the revelation of Jesus Christ, the Loveliness of his Person, the Perfection of His work with excellence and clarity for the rising of the glorious church.”

Dr Shawn and Dr Annie Smith personally extend their gratitude and have mandated us to express the desire to equally add and advertise your company products on our ministry website as a link for online purchase as well.

We look forward to receive a favorable response to our requests and a very fruitful partnership for the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Yours in Christ,

Organizer/Team Leader

Leila Kigha/Winnie Ngalame

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