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Cherished Girl® - Thankful Grateful Blessed T-Shirt ™

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Gratitude is an attitude—a choice to thank God for your many blessings, no matter what the day brings. Our “Thankful Grateful Blessed” Cherished Girl tee makes a simple but profound statement: I am blessed because of His love.

Some days it may feel like nothing goes your way, and you are fighting an uphill battle to stay positive. God is there, in sunshine and rain, days of joy and days of sorrow, and all the days in between. He is with you, guiding your footsteps and offering blessings big and small. All good things come from Him, and there is peace and contentment to be found in thanking God continually for the gifts He has given you.

What about people who don’t know the source of the blessings in their life, who’ve never been introduced to Jesus? Jesus died so that we might have everlasting life beside Him in Heaven. Don’t keep this Good News to yourself! Ask God for opportunities to share your faith and tell others how grateful you are for His love in your life. This classic tee in Sport Grey is an excellent start!

This Cherished Girl tee makes a great thank you gift!

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