Kerusso My Dog Journal
Kerusso My Dog Journal
Kerusso My Dog Journal
Kerusso My Dog Journal
Kerusso My Dog Journal


Kerusso My Dog Journal

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Ponder the people and things you are grateful for in this chic, inspirational “My Dog” Kerusso® Journal in Green with a variety of hand-drawn furry friends to inspire thoughts or doodles. None of us can claim to be perfect, but if we strive to be the wonderful person our beloved furry friends think we are, we’re on the right path! #ILoveMyDog

Our loyal, furry friends love us with such devotion! Ask God to make you worthy of that kind of love and to show you the way to love others the same way, no matter who they are. Imagine if we approached each other with love, playfulness, loyalty, and trust instead of suspicion and judgment. What a world it would be if we loved other humans the way our pets love us.

There’s just something about putting pen to paper that is so much more meaningful than typing notes on a device. Kerusso Journals are perfect for jotting down personal reflections, Bible study notes, or memorable moments of gratitude.

Kerusso® Journal - My Dog

  • Color: Green
  • Soft touch cover
  • Convenient 8.3" × 5.5" size
  • 80 Lined Pages
  • Lay-Flat Binding
  • Flexible Paperback Cover