Eagle All-Over Print T-Shirt ™

Last Chance! Product will be discontinued when sold out.

Our new Eagle All-Over Tee is stunning. This special printing process allows a design to almost fully cover one entire side of a tee. Heads will be turning to take a double look, and the Good News will be proclaimed because of the powerful visual design.

This Christian tee is the perfect reminder for anyone who is looking for strength to face the challenges of life. Isaiah 40:31 is boldly displayed so that everyone who reads it will know that, when they place their faith in God and their hope in the Lord, their strength will be renewed and they can soar on wings like eagles.

If you have ever struggled to witness and share your faith with someone, this shirt will help get the conversation going. You have a great opportunity to share how Jesus changed your life every time you wear this shirt. And don’t worry about having all the right words and answers to others’ questions. Trust the Lord to speak through you. He just wants you to be available to shine His light.

The Bible says that no one comes to the Father unless the Holy Spirit leads them. So step out in faith, become a Christian T-shirt evangelist, and let the Holy Spirit does what He does best.


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