Cherished Girl®


Cherished Girl® - Denim Cross Women's Christian Cap ™

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God is love and He lives inside of you. Because He lives inside of you, you have the ability to love as He does. You can be an example of what it means to accept, forgive, and love with no strings attached.

This Cherished Girl denim cap not only looks amazing, but spreads the amazing message of God’s love. From a day at the mall to a fun night out on the town with your girlfriends, this cap shares the easy to understand message of Jesus: He loves everyone.

Telling others about Jesus doesn’t need to be some hyped up or fire and brimstone message. The message of heaven and salvation is love through a relationship with Christ. That doesn’t mean you don’t share the truth or the consequences of not confessing Christ as the One and only way to heaven, but you can share the truth from a heart of love and with words of love. And with this Cherished Girl hat it’s easy to talk about the love of God.

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