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Vic Kennett Interview on the Herman & Sharron Show

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"A Different View" from Flatmonkey BMX rider and Kerusso wearer Chris Ridener!


Our friend Dan Meyer from Cutting Edge Entertainment is at it again – quoting scripture and swallowing swords!

Wearing Kerusso's Sacrifice 2


Dan Meyer from Cutting Edge Innertainment swallows a sword!

Wearing Kerusso's Sacrifice 2


theTRUTHgroupposts "Parking Garage Christianity"

Wearing Kerusso's Sign from God 2


Check out "Brainwash" by Poor Legacy in Rock Hill, SC rocking Kerusso gear!


Fluffy vs. the Cantaloupe on WAY-FM while wearing the Kerusso Rock Stand T-shirt.


Check out this video from Fight the Fade wearing Kerusso Christian T-Shirts on you-tube.


Check out this gospel video with the Rooftop MCs wearing Kerusso Christian T-Shirts on you-tube.


Kerusso T-Shirts featured in "Love Never Tires" by Mike Capozzi  

Jerome Flood II Crowned Guitar Center's Drum-off Champion Wearing Kerusso's Sweet Jesus T-Shirt


theTRUTHgroupposts "What is Unleavened Bread?"

Wearing Kerusso's Blood Donor T-Shirt


theTRUTHgroup posts a video of Jesus is My Super Hero!


theTRUTHgroup posts "The Gospel according to Rubik"

Wearing Kerusso's You To Be T-Shirt

Watch Vic Kennett, President of Kerusso, as featured on The Danny Fontana Show

Vic discusses the current Pray Vote Pray campaign, a little Kerusso history and how Christians can use Christian T-shirts to proclaim the Good News about Jesus! Visit Danny Fontana.

Watch Vic Kennett, President of Kerusso, on Fox News' The Big Story with John Gibson

Vic discusses the growing popularity of Christian T-shirts. [powerpress width="400" height="300"]/media/wp-content/uploads/Vic_Fox_Interview_Edited.flv[/powerpress]