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Thankful Beyond Tradition

Thankful Beyond Tradition

Thankful Beyond Tradition

This time of year, the season of thankfulness is resurrected, dusted off and hashtagged. We traditionally share our list of thanks at a table full of food, elbow-to-elbow with family.

It’s a fine tradition, and my single favorite time of year.


My thankfulness sometimes seems hollow.

It rarely searches every corner of my existence. Never challenges me beyond “thankful for family and health.” Always focuses on what is right and good in my eyes.

My seasonal thankfulness is temporary and fleeting. As cyclical as the cornucopia décor.

Deep down, I yearn for something more. Something sticky, with depth. Something that will draw out what I have hidden away.

I long for gratitude.

An ongoing expression of worship where the soul-motion is stronger, the heart stir more forceful.  Untouched by my circumstances.

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

– 1 Thes. 5:18

Gratitude involves the whole of me, the whole of the year. It is what salves and fills.

Gratitude comes when my thankfulness espouses my pain.

To receive the thing that heals, I must first admit to the thing that hurts.

It is in gratefulness I learn how to give thanks for my mistakes.

Not that I made them, but that they were a conduit for God’s refining grace.

They are proof of my humanity; my desperate need for a God who practices forgiveness. They fuel an adoration of the One who makes clean. They teach me far better than any blessing.

For my failures.

Because they confirm God is bigger than all my plans, faithful in the uneven journey. My rock that never changes. My forever safe place.

For my hurt.

Because it teaches me this earth is not where I belong. As a baby delights in her mother’s tender face, I someday soon will savor His — the one that has been turned to me since my mother’s womb.

For my hardship.

Because I know none other will sustain but Him.

For my fears.

Because God shows up. Every time. Because He is in control. All the time.

For this life.

Because in its unfiltered state, it drives me to seek the hurting and give of my plenty.

Such gratitude is a devoted praise for a benevolent God. Raw, pure, all.

In this season, and every other, I will be grateful because He is great.

*   *   *

Author Sara Brunsvold blogs beautifully about family life and faith at Find the Lovely. She has a knack for calling out life’s meaningful moments, and a talent for sharing them with a community of readers thirsty for a little more lovely in their own lives.  

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Grateful for Adversity

Grateful for Adversity

Grateful for Adversity

I once sprained both of my ankles. On the same weekend. The right ankle went on a Friday evening; my right leg had behaved mischievously for several weeks, refusing to play along at my attempts to walk normally, collapsing underneath me several times a day with no warning. The left ankle joined the fun mid-morning on Saturday. Trying to walk on a bum ankle attached to a misbehaving leg resulted in a fall and left side sprain.

Fast forward a few years. I woke up one day with a funny feeling on the left side of my face. I could see a bit of a “fish hook” look in the mirror, as if the left side of my mouth was being pulled upward. I wasn’t in pain, but I was certainly disconcerted.

At my doctor’s office - a busy practice which had begun to rely more and more on physician’s assistants attending patient visits, I met with Emily, a P.A. new to the practice. She took one look at my face and ran from the room, returning moments later with my primary care doctor. Both practitioners kept their distance as my doctor informed me I was possibly having a stroke, needed an MRI as soon as possible, and their office would be unable to assist me further.

It was a moment straight out of The Twilight Zone,

and not something I would soon forget.

I was 27 years old and rather than a jolt of fear, I felt as though I’d been given a heady dose of laughing gas. I called my husband in a state of perplexity, giggling nervously as I shared what had transpired in the doctor’s office. As the medical professionals I’d trusted to care for me turned me away, they warned me not to drive; operating a motor vehicle was ‘inadvisable and potentially dangerous’ given the precarious state of my condition. So I called my employer and waited in the parking lot for my husband to leave his own busy workday to pick me up, shaking my head at the thought I could be completely free from pain and a ticking medical time bomb at once.   

An initial MRI and neurological consultation led to further testing: a spinal tap; bloodwork; extensive questions about the state of my cognitive and physical function. I recalled those pesky sprained ankles - a total of three over the course of a year. And my non-working leg - dragging myself across my college campus in embarrassment with a heavy load of textbooks in my arms, hoping no one would notice my hobbling. Double vision for several months; the symptom disappeared within an hour or two of waking and I applied makeup with one eye closed to make sense of the picture I saw. I hadn’t taken a hot shower in some time; but the resultant twitching and swelling in my left eye never hurt, and the issue didn’t seem worthy of a doctor’s visit.

Within the confines of an MRI machine for the second time in several months, a message in the form of song came through the headphones I’d been given: East to West by Casting Crowns. “Jesus won’t you tell me just how far the east is from the west? One scarred hand to the other.” A song about sin and forgiveness, but for me the words were a poignant reminder:

There was nowhere I could go - even inside a clanging,

claustrophobic MRI machine - that Jesus wasn’t right there with me.  

On November 13, 2007 the answer to years of health-related riddles was pronounced by a Denver-based neurologist: Multiple Sclerosis. A chronic, progressive affliction with a foothold in my future.

A year later I met for coffee with a friend and colleague, my 6 week old daughter, our first child, asleep in a carrier at my feet. We’d been hoping for a baby for two years when I was diagnosed. Despite the neurologist’s advice to begin treatment immediately, we chose not to let MS derail our dream of having a family.

“You seem to be dealing with all of this so well,” my friend observed. “How are you doing?” My breath caught at this question no one had been bold enough to ask, and I took a moment to answer the question for myself before I replied.

“If I choose to mourn the loss of my health now, when I am still in relatively good health, where will I have to go if things get really tough? I’ve always considered myself a faithful person, and now that I know - really know - that I can’t rely on people, circumstances or even my own body…

MS is a constant reminder to turn to Jesus,

the only one on whom I can truly rely.

November 13th marked nine years since the day the bottom might have dropped out - but for faith. On that day, as on every day, I am so grateful for a God who is faithful, and whose presence never falters. I am grateful for the opportunity to choose faith again and again. Blessed with the gift of faith, I am grateful for the adversity that reminds me to turn to Jesus again and again.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace

as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope

by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Romans 15:13

On Gratitude ... and an Invitation

On Gratitude ... and an Invitation





  1. the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.
  2. Synonyms: gratefulness, thankfulness, thanks, appreciation, indebtedness


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