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Church Fundraisers

Are you looking for a quick, easy and profitable way to raise money for your church, school, youth group or ministry?

Kerusso has the answer. Combine the world’s bestselling brand of Christian T-shirts with more than 25 years of experience and watch your next fundraiser profits explode!


  • Everything you need to easily sell shirts is provided FREE
  • Kerusso Christian T-shirt fundraiser catalogs
  • 60+ of popular styles in adult, juniors and youth size.
  • Perfect for any size group
  • Unique alternative to cookie dough, candy and scratch cards
  • T-Shirts delivered within two weeks after payment & order received


  • Unlimited Profit Potential
  • Leaders get a FREE T-shirt for their hard work.
  • Minimum order 36 shirts
  • Low Fundraiser Pricing


  • Set your own selling price and choose your profits.
  • Suggested pricing: $18 for adult shirts and $16 for children’s shirts. Groups make $6 per shirt!
  • However you can set your prices as high as you want. Remember it’s a fundraiser.
  • One church gave a free t-shirt with a $20 donation. They did great!

Imagine the possibilities! Making $6 each:

  • 20 sellers sell 10 T-shirts each=$1,200!
  • 50 sellers sell 10 T-shirts each=$3,000!
  • 100 sellers sell 10 T-shirts each=$6,000!
  • 250 sellers sell 10 T-shirts each=$15,000!


The best thing about the Kerusso Christian T-Shirt Fundraising program is that its more than just fundraising. Every Kerusso t-shirt is filled with scripture and points to Jesus. Not only will these shirts raise money for your group, they will spread the Gospel and help change the lives of people for eternity.


Our fundraising consultants are here to help you every step of the way to make your next fundraising program an outrageous success. Fill out this form and you will be on your to an amazing fundraiser!

Additional Information

Church fundraisers are known for cookies, candy, light bulbs and fruitcakes. It doesn’t matter if you are heading up a youth group fundraiser or a fundraiser for your men’s or women’s ministry you need to step it up and give your volunteers something to get excited about – set your fundraising efforts on fire with a T-shirt fundraiser.

Kerusso Christian t-shirts are proven sellers. For more than 25 years we have been helping churches execute successful t-shirt fundraisers. Our shirts are easy to sell with their award winning designs and clever messages. To help ensure high sales we give you access to our best-selling t-shirt designs.

With huge profit potential your youth group fundraiser can be on the way to quickly raising money for your next event. If M&M’s and cookie dough don’t quite get you as excited as they once did its time to make the change and be part of a proven church fundraiser with Kerusso Christian T-shirts.

Your next church fundraiser doesn’t need to resemble a root canal. Our t-shirts fundraiser lends themselves to fun and easy selling. And unlike other fundraiser items, Kerusso’s t-shirt fundraisers keep on giving and giving because each time a shirt is worn the gospel is proclaimed to all who read it.

Contact us today to see how we can help your church fundraiser or youth group fundraiser. With a Kerusso t-shirt fundraiser you’ll put the fun and excitement back into fundraising!

Just fill out this form to put yourself on track to launching a new and innovative fundraising program for your church, youth group or any other ministry in your church.

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