Kerusso Christian T-Shirts are known around the world for their award winning designs and life-changing messages. The mission of Kerusso is simple – “Proclaiming the Good News to the world through products about Jesus”. As one of the pioneers within the Christian Apparel industry Kerusso has set the standard for T-Shirt evangelism since 1987.

Check out these inspiring testimonies below, and share your own testimony to the right:

“Just came back to The Lord recently,And want to show the World the Joy of Christ!! So this sage it shows the real me!! I love it !! Fits great , looks Great!! And I feel great wearing it!! Cool website also! Thanks for helping me Spread the Good Word!!!!”

“As often as possible I wear a shirt with a Gospel message on it. When I go to the gym,hiking etc. Once I wore a shirt that has I love Jesus on the front and all the verses from 1 cor 13 on the back. I went on a very busy hike with hundreds of people reading my shirt!

When I go to Gym I wear my Kerusso shirt John 3 sixteen in the John Deer colours and I get alot of guys reading it but i’ve found over the years that mostly the Christians come up to me and talk to me. So that tells me people do read what is on our shirts!

I figure there are alot of people who wear rude shirts, so I’ve decided to wear a shirt with a message of hope and of eternal value!”

“WOW, to the number of heads that turn, and smiles I receive as I walk and jog through Belle Air Beach, Florida when I wear my Kerusso’s T-shirts.”

“Kerusso shirts are clever, fashionable, AND proclaim my love for God with everyone who reads them. Keep on doing what you do Kerusso!”

“I wore my favorite Kerusso Tee until I sweated through it, then I turned around and put on my second favorite!”

“I LOVE Kerusso- the products, the message, and the empowering feeling to continue to bring in FRESH product.”

“We LOVE the effect Kerusso has and continues to have on teenagers. Young people aren’t afraid to wear Kerusso product because it’s cool, up- to-date, and fashionable.”
“Kerusso T-shirts plant seeds in everyone who reads them. The Bible says, the word will not return void. Thank you Kerusso for including scripture in your designs.”

“Kerusso T-Shirts are fantastic, and prove to be great conversation starters! They allow me the opportunity to witness by explaining the meaning behind the message on my shirt!”

“I purchased the LAC10 and was very pleased, not only by the ease and versatility of it, but the quality of the tees that came with it!”

“I’ve bought several Kerusso shirts, and I ABSOLUTELY love them. Keep up the great work Kerusso!”
“If we as Christ followers are to be “fishers of men,” then Kerusso has empowered us to bring them in . . . hook, line, and sinker!”
“You can actually “wear” the Bible and potentially save someone’s soul doing it!”
“There is truly power in the product when you’re able to wear an invitation to salvation!”
“REALLY EYE catching— you need to look at the detail— this will stop people…to LOOK!”

“It’s great! I’m not a gamer, but I love it.”

“This is Kerusso’s best design yet! It’s EXACTLY what the public wants.”

“I love how you take a modern pop culture idea and use it to further the Word.”

“Striking presentations, of the message, that mirror secular designs to fit current youth fashion.”

“Call of Duty is such a powerful design! It sent an emotional arrow straight to my heart.”

“Kerusso always make the coolest stuff! I’ve had so many conversations with my unsaved friends about God because they noticed my Kerusso tee.”

“I wear Kerusso T-shirts often–and have many people come up to me and ask me where I purchased them. They are so inspiring!”

“I love all your designs and often buy two of everything, cause I can’t get enough!”

“I love wearing Kerusso shirts because it makes it easy to share my faith wherever I go.”

“Because we live in a ‘fashionable culture’, people are prone to read any print on clothing; so, I use Kerusso gear to ‘plant & water’ SEED; expecting GOD to give an ‘increase’. Just another effective tool in Evangelism…Matthew 28:19-20.”

“One of my friends got each of the girls in our group the “John 3:16” necklace to remind us that God loves us so much, he gave the ultimate sacrifice. It is so encouraging to have something that reminds me of His love every day.”
“My girlfriend bought me the “Jesus” keychain because she thought it went well with my Ford—I have to say, Kerusso has a way of delivering God’s message through unique designs.”
“My sister gave me the “Cross and Coin” keychain for Christmas, and I find it INSANE how such a small object could share such a HUGE message.”
“I love how comfortable and warm my “Cross 2″ hoody is and have the good habit of wearing it whenever I know I will be visiting a place where people need to be witnessed to.”
“I work in an environment where people need to SEE God and wearing my Kerusso T-shirts is a tool I use that opens doors to witness to those who don’t know Him.”
“I’m glad that Kerusso designs are available in junior tees because they’re all I wear!”

“My Mom bought me the “Stick with Jesus” T-shirt because she knows how much I love playing the drums. Wearing it while I play makes me praise harder!”

“”Share the Gospel everyday & if necessary use words!” These days it’s necessary!”

“I wore a Kerusso shirt to the gym this morning. No one made a comment today, but the message still made a statement.”

“When I wear Kerusso apparel, I know that I am demonstrating my faith in God with boldness and quality! And those two elements go hand in hand in reaching this generation.”

“We here at CSE ministry like to LIVE OUT LOUD so people can not just hear but see the way we live.”

“I jog and walk on Belle Air Beach, Florida. Wow! The heads turn and smiles. I get a since of satisfaction when I wear Kerusso‘s visual billboard shirts. It works. Praise the Lord”

“As a new/learning Christian, I love the shirts and the word that is shared with them, I plan in the future to purchase some when I can. Thank you Kerusso for the work you do!!!”

“I love Kerusso shirts! 😀 They are so clever, very fashionable, and proclaim my Love for God with everyone who reads them. I’m starting to get a pretty big collection of them now. Keep on making these shirts, they’re just plain awesome. ;)”
“I wore it until I sweated through it. Then put on my second favorite.”
“We love Kerusso apparel! As musicians, this is a great way to minister on-stage and off-stage. With Kerusso, we can literally, wear our faith on our sleeves.”
“Kerusso t-shirts for me fall into the realm of no-excuses witnessing! Anyone who calls themselves a Christian is a walking billboard for Jesus Christ!”
“As I travel the world, I am constantly asked about Kerusso t-shirts, sweatshirts, wristbands and headbands! What you have started will never return to you void as Kerusso is founded on the Word of God.”
“Kerusso is an amazingly talented group of people and we love what you do to spread the Gospel in such a creative way.”
“I am opening an online store of Christian apparel and gifts. I currently own 6 of your t-shirts and am in LOVE with them all.”
“I have the Jesus Heals T-shirt with the band aids and it’s a big hit at my school. Keep up the good ideas for your shirts!”
“A Blood Donor Saved My Life (black t-shirt) is cool and it touched me deeply.”
“I bought a Live for Him bracelet at a Christian book store in Charlotte, and I have had a lot of people ask me, Who is Him?”
“I play Major League Baseball for the L.A. Dodgers. I decided to view your Web site and I’m pleased to say to you that your mission is being achieved. So God Bless You All and Keep Up The Good Work!”
“I love your T-shirts. In fact, I am wearing the Reeses one right now. Well, I bought my shirt the other day at Mardel’s and just wanted to say, ‘Bravo keep up the good work.’ I LOVE IT!!!!”
“My favorite Kerusso shirt says, “He Died for Me.” People look at it and read it out loud. I tell them, He died 4 U 2!”
“My friend read my shirt and started coming to church!”
“I really love the Kerusso gear. I was just in South America and they were going crazy for gear.”
“I live in Norway, and just want to thank you so much for this blessed site! God bless you!”
“I’m loving your apparel! It looks good and it’s catchy! I’ve been working to proclaim the Good News. Fashion is a big deal, so my hope is to catch an eye, and then start a trend . . . and then a movement! Peace & Love”
“It’s way too hard to limit choices to only a couple of Kerusso shirts. The selection is great!”
“I love the idea of witnessing through the t-shirt concept. It’s encouraging to see young people like myself reading these shirts. Your ideas of using slogans and trademarks that teens recognize to spread the Word is an awesome idea.”
“I enjoy taking your surveys and I love to wear your T-shirts and spread the Word!”
“God Bless your ministry! I enjoy the way Kerusso t-shirts strike up spiritual conversations!”

“Hi, my name is Avo and I live in Armenia. So many people and churches I know want Christian stuff. I have 4 of your T-shirts and it is my dream to make everybody happy by having Kerusso T-shirts! God bless you in Jesus’ name.”

“I wanted to let you know how much I love your products. My middle school friends and I love the way you deliver the good news in fun and interesting ways. Your buttons are so cool! Thanks for making a great product that changed the way I see things.”

“I wear Kerusso t-shirts because they are an eye catching way to tell people about Jesus.”

“I wear Kerusso T-shirts because it is an excellent way to witness to everyone, the only way to heaven.”

“I wear Kerusso T-shirts because I love the creative Christian messages and images.”

“Because of a Kerusso t-shirt a friend wore at a First Aid course . . . that small seed sparked a huge blessing on 3 of us and we are now ‘one big happy family in Christ!’ Big God Bless!”

“What awesome t-shirts…was thrilled to find your display in our local Kum n Go…purchased a few there and now ordered more. Love your moto!”

“I love how Kerusso “copies” everything to make it Christian! I love this product and “faithbook” ,”ouraposle”, “thelight” and MANY MANY MANY more! Thanks Kerusso!”
“‘For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.’ Philippians 1:21”

“I wear kerusso T-shirts because I like the sayings, and showing everyone I am a christian.”

“I wear Kerusso T-shirts because, they are a cool way to spread the word of Jesus.”

“Yep, I am proud to be identified with Jesus through wearing Kerusso T-shirts. It also helps when doing random acts of kindness as it doesn’t leave them wondering why I did it.”

“I wear Kerusso T-shirts because I love sharing the Good News of Jesus, and Kerusso T-shirts are a great way to break the ice!”

“I wear Kerusso T-shirts because they are awesome witness wear for Christ our ROCK!”

“I first noticed your T-shirts in the Hallmark stores. I immediately thought this ministry needed to get more exposure because the product really caught my attention as I browsed through the stand!”

“not overly intrusive, fresh idea, great conversation starter.”
“I bought a couple of your shirts from Berean’s Christian bookstore and I am the president of a women’s ministry group. I’d love to buy some for the women in my group!”
“Thank you so much for the kind note and the Kerusso t-shirts! We will wear them proudly for all to see. We should all try to be a living testament for God every day. Go Bears!”
“I wear Kerusso T-shirts because they make me a walking billboard for Christ!”
“I wear Kerusso T-shirts because, I love the messages and I think they make Christians more approachable.”
“I drive a truck and stopped at a truck stop in South Carolina to fuel up. As I was walking through the store, Kerusso’s display caught my eye. I stopped and checked out the T’s, awesome to say the least!.”

“I have been wearing Kerusso products for some years now, especially in my workplace, and have lost count of the number of times that their message has opened the door with work colleagues to share the Good News about Jesus.”

“I wear Kerusso T-shirts because Christian Pride Matters!”

“Here in Aruba we have many youth groups that come together to praise the Lord. The group that I go to is Lus di Cristo in papiaments and in English it means “Light of Christ.” Thank you for making all your products so beautiful!”

“I wear Kerusso t-shirts because I love spreading the message of Jesus Christ- and whats a better way to do it than on yout shirt!!!!!”

“I have been thoroughly blessed by the opportunity I’ve been given to minister via your t-shirts!”

“I wear Kerusso T-shirts because I can share the Word without opening my mouth!”

“I wear Kerusso T-shirts because,they have true messages on them, and they’re awesome shirts to wear!!”
“I came across your apparel at Berean Christian Book Store today. I was very impressed. The t-shirts are awesome looking and of great quality (material and design). Congratulations!”
“haha this shirt is great! Jesus Christ is my Lord and is the only REAL HOPE.”
“I’ve just recently found Christ! I purchased a few of your t-shirts from a Christian book store in my community, and I like them a lot! I thank you, but most of all, I thank God.”

“I wear Kerusso T-shirts because, I believe in the sayings printed on them. A lot of times it gets people to ask about the t-shirt, so I get to share my faith with someone new.”

“I wear Kerusso t-shirts because I LOVE GOD and want to show the world!”

“I wear Kerusso T-shirts because I love Jesus Christ! I hope someone asks me about Him when I wear my shirts!”

“I was at Costco a few weeks ago and saw the PICK JESUS t shirt on someone. I remarked that I liked it and they hunted for the website printed onto the tshirt. That’s how I found out about your company.”

“I wear Kerusso t-shirts because I think they are designed to catch the eye of another person. They think they are reading a reg t-shirt and all of sudden when they least expect it they are reminded of Christ and his love.”

“I wear Kerusso T-shirts because they open doors to witness.”

“I wear Kerusso t-shirts because I am not afraid to show others that I believe in our Risen Savior Jesus Christ.”

“I love your products! I get comments all the time on the Jesus Christ – Eternally Refreshing – Never Thirst Again – John 4:14 – Bottle Cap T-shirt.”

“i think this is the best religious shirt ive ever owned. it never fails to grab people attention and let them read the back and start a conversation. i love this shirt!”

“Their Message: I purchased your products (3 t-shirts) for my children for Christmas……we love them! Thank you, we are excited to wear them, and hope they are read WAY more thank 3,000 times!:) Sincerely, Becky Koleszar.”

“I love the fact that you put full scripture verses on your shirts and that you are not ashamed of Christ and your love for Him and His saving grace – thank you for that!”

“I just wanted to ask if you send your products to Germany, too. I’m really interested in your products, so I would be quite happy if there’s a way!”

“I’ve totally enjoyed Kerusso parodies but never said anything. This time I actually busted out laughing.”
“I looked at your website & I can’t tell you how many of my friends are wearing your t-shirts. 3:16 is my personal favorite.”
“I will import your nice T-shirts to give the Christian scene in my town a new and expressive style. I asked so many friends of mine if they want a shirt from Kerusso. Everyone will buy it, so I see the general inquiry is high!”

“I went to Leadership Training at the Shocco Springs Baptist Conference Center in Talladega, Alabama. We saw your shirts in the Gift Store. We walked that conference area holding our Kerusso shirts up everywhere we went. Your t-shirts are the Coolest!”

“Hi, I just want to let u know that I absolutely LOVE your products…especially your youth t-shirts.”
“Hi! I heard about you through a lovely gift from my daughter-in-law; a Christmas sweatshirt and matching bag for my November birthday. I love them!”

“Fast shipper – quality material and sized right. will buy again from this vendor.”

“Love your shirts! I buy them at a local store in Ponce, Puerto Rico. 20 years ago, I was an ex-drug addict and alcoholic suffering from anxiety and depression until I accepted Christ as my Savior. My life completely changed because of Jesus!”

“I’ve bought many Kerusso t-shirts and they always grab attention. . .”

“So far, I have witnessed to 6 people because of wearing Kerusso T-shirts! People comment about my T-shirts all the time. With Kerusso, I have the opportunity to talk to people about Christ every time I go to the store!”

“I LOVE what you’re doing – your unique ministry in reaching folks through apparel works like walking billboards!”

“Dear Kerusso, thank you for the T-shirts you’ve given to our family! What a tremendous blessing they have been! We pray the Lord abundantly blesses your business for the kindness you have shown our family!”

“We have been a HUGE fan of kerusso products and have worn them on many different ministry engagements. It is a blessing to be able to praise the Lord with all you do, even with the clothes you wear.”

“I have the Blood Donor 2 shirt and wore it in a resturant and a man walked up to me and asked me to lean forward so he could finish reading the back. How cool was that?”

“Greetings in the Name of the Lord, to my dear brothers & sisters at the Kerusso Clothing Company. What do I think?…truy awesome & wonderful spiritual T-shirts and products; keep up the great work you dear folks do each day”

“‘Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.’ – James 4:10Thank you for always sharing Scripture and encouraging words. I believe that Kerusso is a wonderful example of this Scripture. May the Lord continue to lift you up.”

“I bought it for my 12 yr old nephew & he told me today that people really liked his shirt at school & that it helped him witness so he wanted to say Thanks…brought tears to my eyes when he told me that & hugged me.”


“90% of my T-Shirt wardrobe is Christian, and I am constantly getting comments, compliments, remarks that let me know people are reading them! Share the Gospel, all day, very day, and never have to speak a word!”

“Just to say hi and admit on how amazing all your wear is!!! And the prices arn’t bad at all! “

“this shirt is so cool!!!!!!!!! i like it when i wear coz everybody reads @ 1st the tired dissapointly and i turn back to continue it’s totallu different!!!!!!!!!!!Amen!”

“I can’t wait to get my very first Kerusso tee shirt! The anointing of God that is on this evangelistic company is unique and I give God all the glory that through you, the gospel is being spread in a fresh and exciting and creative way!”

“Kerusso is a brilliant way to LITERALLY wear your heart on your sleeve!”

“I received my shirts yesterday that I ordered from KERUSSO and I just wanted to say that I LOVE them! The cotton is excellent quality, good and strong and I love that both sides are printed. Praise God! Thank you so much KERUSSO!”

“I will most definitely be mentioning the kidz tee in my review though, because my son thinks it’s just about the coolest thing ever. In fact, I think he likes it best out of any of the new clothes he got for school!”

“I still have a few Christmas tee shirts leftover from last fall that I will toss out at a Sunday school conference in Kitchener, Ontario on October 30. Those are such popular shirts.”

“hello im 12 years old and i got saved june somthin and it was awesome and yesterday i bought the stick with jesus shirt and im wearing it now”

“Just wanted to write a note and say thanks for hiring employees that LOVE the Lord! Had a really awesom phone conversation today with one of them and it really made me feel good! Thanks.”

“I love the shirts ya’ll make, and i have like 8 of them. I was able to share the word of god to my friends just by them asking what my shirt meant. It was a life changing experience!!!!!”

“you guys rock!!!!!! I always look forward to seeing what is next. Keep up the good work.”
“Kerusso is making too many cool shirts- my checkbook can’t handle it!”
“I bought two patriotic tees- one navy and the other red- at the Kerusso kiosk at the Silver Dollar City theme park in Branson, MO… Love them!”

“I love the patriotic tees! I haven’t seen them available to buy in the stores I’ve looked in as of yet, but I will be looking. I did however, purchase five new Kerusso tees for me and my grandson at Lifeway.”

“I bought five of the patriotic tees! One for me and my husband and our three sons. I really wish I would’ve ordered them in time for Memorial Day, but July 4th, Labor Day, picnics etc. will work!”

“I love them! I just bought two- The price was right!”

“Everytime I wear one of my many Kerruso shirts, I get people asking about where did I buy it or how they like it.”

“Being a tee-shirt and shorts kinda (Christian) guy, I try and put the word of Christs on daily, and Kerusso has thee best brand of tees, with thee latest and hottest Christian designs.”

“I wore my Jesus is the Light t-shirt today (the one that looks like a Twilight shirt) and got to witness to the clerk at Wal-Mart that thought I was a Twilight Mo!”

“Just wanted to say I was a Truck driver for a year and collected lots of your shirts and one hoody and now I am a volunteer in Israel and everyone is jelous of the shirts I wear oh and I pritty much only wear your shirts cuz they are so great Thanks.”

“Kerusso provides a relevant way for me to share my faith by what I wear. Their designs are always cutting edge, fresh and creative!”

“This is a lovely and creative shirt that serves a great purpose. It was a gift for my Aeropostle addicted neice, I’ll purchase a couple more for myself and others.”

“Human billboards make the best attention getters. You have the best billboards.”

“I prayed the prayer you provided and added much more to it. I want to change my life around and make Christ the number one focus in my life. I’ve bought several of your shirts, and I absolutely love them. You’re doing good works Kerusso. Keep it up!”
“I went to a parent teacher conference, regarding my daughter and was told by her teachers, what an inspiration it was for them to see her wearing the gospel. Wearing her faith is an excellent talking point, specifically in this case because if a student initiates a conversation about faith, they can talk about it. It is so encouraging to me that my daughter has the desire to be a point of light to someone else- be it a teacher or fellow classmate!”
“I always love getting your shirts and sweatshirts. Everytime I wear one of them people always asking me where I got them from or what the shirst mean for me. I always want to get more but the store I go to dont always have the shirts or sweatshirts that I want. I keep looking around for more shirts and I even asked my mom to go on your website to order me more shirts for Christmas and stuff.”

“I really love the designs you guys put up here. Design and creativity, I believe, are some of the ways of reaching out to folks. God defines creativity (cos He’s the Creator) and when His children glorify Him, they’re showin His work. Keep it up (where it belongs)”

“I recently purchased a t-shirt from your online store for my friends daughter and she loved it. Thank you and your team at Kerusso for putting out this amazing witness gear. Your gear is cooler and better looking than stuff at Abercrombie and Fitch and all those stores. Your design team has taken things to an amazing level each year….it just keeps getting better and better.”
“Blessed day to all of you! I don’t know how I come across your website through internet but one thing is for sure that the HOLY SPIRIT had led me to this annointed KERUSSO site. I’m a mother of 2 young adult boys and I am so glad and thanking GOD when I saw all your products are blessed with the Word of GOD. Im 45 yrs.old and Im one of the deacons in our church and a prayer warrior as well. I almost cried when I saw the Spritual Warfare shirt, it was so powerful, beautiful and words of the LORD speaks directly to the heart of those who will read it.

I will continously pray for all the team of Kerusso.com and the founder Vic Kenneth and his family. Surely GOD fulfilled HIS purpose in all of you!! You will save and changed the lives of so many people especially the youth of this world… You are the silent champions of this world but the roaring champions in the spirit world. YOU ARE ALL FOREVER BLESSED. SHALOM be with you from our ADONAI YESHUA… Vicky….Sorry I can’t show a picture wearing the Kerusso product because I have just ordered some. I will send the photo once we received the products. JESUS Blessed you all!!!!”

“Call me a nay-sayer (go ahead call me one!) but I am a drum teacher, and one of my co-workers (and former drum student) have thought that these “Stick With Jesus” drumsticks seemed a little light for there size and wouldn’t hold up with a young, harder hitting drummer using them. Well I’ll humble myself and admit that I was WRONG! Just this past week I noticed that one of my current students had a pair of them. He loves them, and he sounds great! This picture is him posing at lessons with them. So let me just say, “Way to go! Good job! I won’t doubt these sticks again… and I know where I’ll be getting MY next pair!”
“I just wanted to say I was at the mall in Springfield, MO in Penny’s when I seen this shirt a woman was wearing. I told my husband I loved it, I wonder where she got it at. Then we went on shopping and went to Coach House, and was looking and then there it was, my shirt I wanted. The pink shirt that says MOM 2.

I am a christian and love being a mom that is a blessing. Plus, that is my favorite verse, I can do all things through Christ. I live by that verse everyday. As of matter of fact that is my fav. verse I have on Face Book. I felt that this shirt was talking to me. and now I can share it with the world. Thank You!! I bought it for me for Mother’s Day, have not worn it yet because waiting till Mother’s Day, but can’t wait to. God bless you all. Keep up spreading the word.”

“We really enjoy kerusso clothing because it connects us and because the designs are legit! We often play shows where we see fans rockin kerusso gear and they almost always come up to us after the show and show off there threads! We are always looking for new ways to reach people for the kingdom and kerusso clothing line just opens up more doors for dialogue.”
“I want to say a big, “Thanks” to Kerusso. We are a family who likes to live our faith out loud and your products are some of our best conversation openers.We once met a woman while on vacation in Colorado, as usual we were all wearing a Kerusso shirt of some kind. While entering a shopping area, a woman came up from behind us and remarked how brave we must be. It was our walking testimony wearing our shirts.

This opened an amazing door to a conversation about Christ that lasted quite some time. We were able to tell her about Christs plan of salvation, and how to recieve it. She said she had never felt like asking anyone about these things before until she saw us so openly wearing His name….That is just one of many conversations that have been initiated because of your companies efforts to share the gospel…Again, Thanks and God Bless your ministry.”

“I have been a christian for many years, but I want to become closer to God the Father. I want to take a closer walk with him and I blieve that this prayer has really opened up this opportunity. I have printed it off and will keep it somewhere that I can see everyday, and will always remeber to keep a close walk with Jesus. Thank you, Kerusso, for making it easy to share the word of Christ with those around me. Because of this, I will find it easier to share the word!”

“Love ,love your stuff …just saw it on amazon.com…. I’ll definitely will be a long time customer…. can’t wait to see reaction of some of my church members( God has blessed us with many youth in our congregation) … maybe bring you more business …”

“Out of the multitude of people I encounter on any given day, it’s really just a small percentage that I actually get to interact with. So, when I’m not able to speak to somebody about what Christ has done for them, it’s good to know that my shirt can. Thank you, Kerusso, for helping me to proclaim the Good News!”

“I bought my daughter a God’s Girl doll from the web, and she loved it so much she’s bugging me to get the rest of them. I love the Bible verses that came with the Dolls. My daughter doesn’t call them by their names, she simply calls them her God’s Girls dolls. The dolls were such a blessing! Especially nowadays, when it is hard to find good toys for the kids. Thank you so much for your company and may God continue to bless Kerusso. Keep up the good job you all are doing!”
“Please continue to make your t-shirts and I will continue to buy & wear them everywhere. Your t-shirt ministry has helped me to speak with many people about Jesus without me bringing up the conversation. They see my t-shirt and are prompted by the Holy Spirit to start taking to me. – Thank you Jesus!”
“Hi, my name is Roody, i’m a Christian, i used to be a truck driver in the USA when i discorvered your t-shirts talking about Jesus, i bought three of them that i still have and wear. Today i’m in Canada where i entend to stay with my familly. At my chuch the first time my brothers and sisters saw my t-shirts they wanted to have them, but i did not know how to get to you since i found out that you had your web site written on them. I’m sending you this note to tell you how much i like the way your are passing the message through the t-shirts and congradulate you.I hope one day i’ll be able to have some for my church and also some other churches in my community. Thank you may god bless you.”
“Just a note to say thank you so much for marketing your wonderful t-shirts in so many truck stops! As an over the road truck driver, I recently went to the Iowa 70/Petro in Oak Grove, MO and bought…oh gosh…I think 6 or 7 shirts! I’m always so jazzed to see your shirts in an environment that DESPERATELY needs them! Channel 19 has degenerated into an environment that if Hell has a radio station…that’s it. But, in al fairness, it’s not just truckers, it’s a reflection of the times in general. But I wanted to thank you for being a beacon of light”
“I have only had this Live for Him wristband for a week. My story is that I was at school and I heard a group of kids cursing. That night the wristband inspired me to pray for strength. This wristband helped me minister to the people who cursed about Jesus Christ; and sure enough, they listened. THANKS!!!!
“I bought a Kerusso t-shirt at Celebrate Freedom, 2007 in Dallas Texas. I hadn’t ever heard your shirts before, but one caught my eye, and I just couldn’t say no. I work with the youth at my church, and myspace, as I am sure you can imagine, is a BIG deal. The myspace in heaven t-shirt was one that I just couldn’t pass up. I figured my students would love it. I didn’t anticipate however other people reactions. I am so pleased. Every single time I have worn the t-shirt in public, I have been able to share my faith. Thank you so much for your shirts!!!
“During the Holiday season last year, I purchased several Kerusso shirts for family & friends. I also purchased some for myself & when I wear them I get so many compliments and people asking me where I got it from. Thankfully on the bottom of my apparel it lists the Kerusso website and I have been instructing people to go there! “
“I am a 15 year old high school student, and I own almost every one of your shirts . . . I wear a christian T-Shirt EVERY DAY (they are the only T-Shirts I own). People really notice them, and I get comments about them all the time and asked where I bought them. There is a stand in the local mall with that sells your shirts and the lady knows every time she sees me I am ready to buy a new one. Your products are AWESOME!!! “
“I just wanted to share how much I love my black “blood donor” t-shirt. I was baptized and saved in Aug. 2002, and have been wanting a great Christian t-shirt that would make a point about who I am and what I believe. I just hadn’t found the shirt that jumped out at me, until my husband and I were in Branson over the Labor Day weekend. We were at the Branson Landing, and walked by the Kerusso kiosk — there it was — that perfect t-shirt!

I wore it to a small group leaders training meeting last week at my church and will be sharing your website with others there, now that I found it on the tag from my shirt. It’s so much fun to watch people’s eyes when I wear it — they read it and if they get it, I see an “ah hah” look on their face………of course, then there are those who just have the “whaaaaaaat” look — I love it — makes them think.

I also bought my stepdaughter the “Hero” shirt as she has been a fan of that tv show since it came on and she is also a Christian. I may have to get that one next for me, too. I look forward to being able to shop for more t-shirts and will enjoy receiving emails from your company. God bless you all! “

“I went to the mall a couple of weeks ago and I was wearing your Heavy Drinker shirt. A reformed alcoholic walked up to me and told me how much she loved my shirt and that AA should distribute them to everyone who completes their programs. Keep up the good work!”
“I love all your shirts! I think they are ingenious and the perfect way to spread the WORD. I only wear Christian shirts to school and every day my classmates look forward to seeing my shirts.Yet some kids complain and always ask me when will I ever wear just a plain shirt. But, that doesn’t stop me and I wear them anyway. I think they’re starting to like my shirts, too!”
“I am a sold-out, bold, in-your- face, CRAZY Christian, with a passion for evangelism. I am presently, on Christ’s request, at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica and I looooove Kerusso shirts. I wear a lot of them, and make sure that people see them. I’m in some pretty big classes, two of which have 550 people enrolled… Students see my life and my shirts, and realize I am the way I am, because of Christ. I remember one day I was late for a lecture, and I stepped into class with the “ipray” tee… The entire theatre looked at me…I really like that shirt cause it’s in your face…

My shirts are getting old though, and a new year is starting… The people that use to sell them here in Jamaica closed down. My parents are in tha ministry full-time. They started a faith based organization called, “Choose Life International” (www.chooselifeintl.org), and it is supported by what people donate to it. God told me to go to my school to be a missionary for Him there. I am going into my second semester in January, and am really praying about doing a whole lot of ministry before the school work kicks in. I am wondering if you could support me, by sending me some of your shirts. Please speak to God about it. Whatever He says, I am fine with.”

“I am so impressed with quality of your product! My son is so hard buy shirts for that do not shrink or fade! We have several Kerusso Tee shirts that are worn /washed every week and they still look like new! She also said that she washes, and washes, and washes, and washes them! And they still look new!”
“PRAISE GOD!!! It’s such a privilege & honor to be a to spread the Gospel! All of my Tshirts come from you guys; I buy them from a local businessman by the name of Tim Ward, here in Pensacola, FL. I really do appreciate the way y’all spread the Gospel too; people are always asking me “where I get my Tshirts from?” Again, Thank you & may GOD continue to Abundantly & Richly Bless what you do!!!”
“It has been almost two years that I have been saved. It seems that each day I find more and more ways to show my love and gratitude. And each day I grow closer to the Lord. Today, as my wife of less than one year (who I know was brought to me because of God’s plan) and I drove back to Greensboro from Wilmington, NC we stopped to use the restroom in a gas station. I went in to buy some junk food for the balance of the ride. Instead of candy we came out of that gas station with two tee shirts. Funny, I don’t recall the name of the station but I felt very welcomed in there. This is the first praise tshirt I have ever owned. thank you.”
“I was a bi-vocational Youth Minister when you first opened. Our first fund raiser began by selling your t-shirts, and on a youth trip to Arkansas we found your shop!! Since then, I have retired. My son is now the full time Youth Minister at our church, and we hope to continue our relationship with Kerusso! Your tees have provided uncountable memories and have had an untold impact on our youth/adults. Thanks, and God bless each of you!!”
“My family attended the Washington, D.C. Tea Party Rally on September 12, 2009. I had intended to wear a Christian/Patriotic themed t-shirt, but I couldn’t get out of my mind a t-shirt I had seen at my local Pilot gas station. It was a beautiful modern painting of Jesus with large block letters that said HOPE underneath Him (preceded by “Jesus is our greatest… ” in small letters). The shirt was obviously inspired by the “Hope” poster of a messiah-like candidate Obama.

As I wrapped-up our travel preparations for the D.C. rally at 1:30 in the morning, I decided that it was the, Jesus is our greatest hope, t-shirt that I needed to wear to the Tea Party Rally, and drove to the Pilot to buy it. I’m so glad I did! With all of the signs and shirts that spoke many truths about government corruption and wrong-headed ideologies, my t-shirt received the best comments (at least a half a dozen or more). They all said the same thing, “THAT IS THE BEST T-SHIRT AT THIS WHOLE EVENT… AND THE MOST TRUE!”

A few people even took a picture of it! If I had any reservations about “dragging Jesus into my political activism” it was gone by the end of the day! My prayer is that the shirt not only was an important reminder to believers who may have become too tied-up in knots over the state of our country, but that the truth of its message struck a chord in the hearts of unbelievers. Thanks for that powerful and beautiful message.”

“I love Kerussos shirts!! … Because I’m a radical Christian girl, a lot of times I receive people’s attention- it’s the hair and piercings. It makes an impact, however, when people see my shirts. Along with the shirts I make, I own some Kerusso shirts and have a shirt for every day of the week. I have random people come up to me and share how the shirts have ministered to them in some way! So, thanks Kerusso for having awesome shirts that allow me to spread the gospel to people all around… God bless!!”
“First of all I wanted to thank you for your products. I thank the founder of Kerusso for being bold enough to see his vision through and put scripture verses on t-shirts. I know you are far more than that, so thank you. I thank God everyday for my son – his name is Tyler Crowder and he is in the 9th grade at Campbell County High School in Alexandria, Kentucky. He has been such a blessing to my husband and I over the past 14 years. He is an incredible kid. He has such a passion for Christ it is amazing.

Tyler has been raised in church. He accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior at an early age – age 6. He was involved in Awanas as a child, and now he is very involved in his church youth group. We attend Main Street Baptist Church in Alexandria, Kentucky. We have a phenominal youth pastor whose heart is definitely for the youth. Tyler has been on many mission trips throughout the past 4 years – while in 7th grade, he gave up his spring break vacation to go to Mississippi to help with the Katrina Relief and helped hand drywall and siding. Our youth group does a mission project every month and he is always involved. He has helped several elderly women in our church do yardwork. He truly has a servant’s heart. I am so proud of him.

Other parents often tell me that Tyler is such a nice, polite young man and that my husband and I have done a great job with him and I always tell them thanks, but Tyler is a God-thing. He is being molded and formed by his Heavenly Father. As a young child (the age of 6), Tyler has had (or thought he had) his life planned out. I heard once that if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. He wanted to be a zoological vet – he was going to Auburn University continuing with his Doctorate Degree and working at a zoo and traveling around the world. He wanted to work with Amazon animals and go to Africa. He always wanted to incorporate mission work into his career thinking he could go overseas and work and witness at the same time.

Well, this past year the Lord has really worked on his heart and Tyler’s career plan has changed. He has committed to a life of full-time ministry. He at first was wrestling with full time missionary work but during this year’s M-Fuge trip to South Carolina, he was felt called to the ministry. I could not be more proud of him. I have known since he was in the womb that God had a special plan for him. Jeremial 29:11, but the key is you have to be willing. Tyler is definitely willing. He has never been ashamed of who he is – A CHILD OF GOD. Why am I telling you all of this and thanking God for my son? I wanted to thank you for giving him a resource to show his faith!!!!!!!

The first day of 8th grade last year, Tyler was given a project in Language Arts. He had to write down 2 goals they had for that year and how they were going to accomplish them. Tyler’s #1 goal was to win more of his friends to Christ. How was he going to accomplish this – he was going to wear a Christian t-shirt to school everyday. He has worn a Christian t-shirt to school everyday since the 8th grade. He just started high school and I asked him if he was going to continue wearing his t-shirts to school – his response was. Yeah Mom don’t you think High Schoolers need Christ in their lives even more than middle schoolers do! Well, that’s my boy! Always, thinking of others.

Well, Tyler is continually working on his friends and trying to be a role model to his peers. He gets questioned about his shirts alot and it gives him an opportunity to share his faith. I could go on and on and on about his servant’s heart. But my main purpose of writing this letter was to thank you for providing a way for Tyler to share his faith with other students!!!!! You are such a blessing! Thanks for listening and keep up the good work!

Have a blessed day!”

“I have worn your shirts for around eight years and they’re my favorite. I have three that I wear all the time. I would have four, but the 4th had to be retired due to the wear out :( . Had I known when I bought them, I would love and wear them that much, I would have bought more than one of each. I think after eight years, it might be great to reintroduce them to the world. I also think people would really buy them. One of my favorite tee’s has gray and blue letters in it stating “Jesus,” in big letters, with the word “Christ” in the middle of the first “S”. Underneath it, is my savior. It has not been retired from my collection as of yet, but saddly it is getting close :( .

My second favorite is retired for my collection and was really popular. It is orange and has a cross like symbol with “Forgiven,” in the middle of it. (It has a small cross on the front, and a large image on the back). My 3rd favorite tee, is one I wear as much as possible. It’s a gray tee states, “Gods Property” in blue, and has a “XXL” in the middle with a cool verse on it. Last, but not least, is the white “God’s Property” tee with the “XXL” written in black. Saddly, I am not a huge fan of the new designs, and my shirts are wearing out. I didnt know if it was possible to revive the old ones, or just get another of each. Please let me know …..THANK YOU!”

“I found the Lord 6 years ago. I was in some pretty dire circumstances financially, but I knew I needed to show the world around me that I had changed. As soon as I could, I purchased a few Kerusso T-shirts, so I could wear the message I was now living, and notify my acquaintances of my change. It worked, and now I wear Kerusso shirts almost all the time. They help to “break the ice” with some people that would normally not speak to me, or anyone else in a public place.

Wearing these shirts helps me to identify myself as a member of God’s team, and it seems as though I have an open door to many places that I never could have entered before. Now I’m pretty much identified by the shirts I wear. I can now talk a streak about the Lord and how he has changed my life. Although, I remember that sometimes the best conversations are where I never say a word. I just listen to the people that need, and want to tell their stories. I must always remember, it is not about me, but someone higher. I love your shirts Kerusso. Keep up the great work, and help others to share the Good News.”

“PLEASE add light and dark skinned African-Americans to the God’s Girlz collection!!! We don’t want our kids to feel like their skin color isn’t good enough. And extra clothes would be great – like pajamas. Our girls (mine and others from family and church) love the God’s Girlz. It’s about time someone came up with a wholesome barbie doll!!!”
“ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! The shirt slogans! This weekend, my son and I went to Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO. I bought him a t-shirt “Stick with Jesus” (he’s a drummer). For me, I bought the ‘stay out of hell free’. I really appreciate your making it an option to share my faith.”
“Too many times businesses of all sorts don’t make the time to correspond with the folks that buy their products. Kerusso may have already noticed that I have a special place in my heart for their products… My pastor loves to see the various messages on the T-shirts that I have accumulated from Kerusso, and the folks at my Wednesday night bible study can’t wait to see the next one I come in wearing. I want to give a special thanks and recognition to the person, or people who design the messages on the shirts…

The creativity of taking a corporate name and giving it a gospel message is so awesome! As you can imagine, the Starbucks theme gets lots of looks here in the northwest, especially at the local mall. Again, thank you for your wonderful products, and may you continue to receive blessings as you spread the gospel in these clever ways.”

“Hope you are doing well. I have another testimonial. My mom does not like to wear T-shirts. However, I gave her one so she felt obligated to wear it (Amazing Grace). She wore it to her exercise class. Someone saw it and sparked up a conversation. Mom invited her to church. The lady and her husband came, then came over to my parents house for home fellowship. Sounds like another seed sown.”
“My husband purchased the Jesus Sweet Savior King of Kings T-shirt (the one that looks like the Reeses cup) for me as a surprise, and I’ve received more comments on it than any other shirt I have now, or have ever owned. What I find most interesting is how people open up when they see the shirt. Their first comment is, I like that shirt and the next is, where did u get it? I have worn this shirt so much that the S and U are peeling off. I guess it’s time to order another one :) Keep up the good work. These T-Shirts make it easy to witness Christ to others. These shirts open wide the doors to share my faith in depth, the moment someone comments on it. P.S. I do not have a photo of me wearing the shirt :(“
“No comments at this time on your T-shirts, but would like to give you 2 thumbs up on your toys for girls! My daughter had the Praise Ponies & is asking for all 3 of your God’s Girlz for her birthday & Christmas – which we have already purchased for her! It is such a blessing to buy toys that keep Christ in the center of a childs life & play. So many do not look at them as needing the same center – Jesus. As you see around you – even in church. Thank you for an alternative choice!! Keep up the great work! Blessings.”
“Praise God! I was wearing the Facebook shirt, you have a friend request with Jesus wanting to be our friend. I was in a gas station market, and a guy who looked like a teenager came up to me and said that he wants to shake my hand, because of the shirt. We never know who looks at these shirts, and what impact they could make. All glory to God!!!! Let’s proclaim the greatness of His Name!! God uses the shirt off your back to talk about His Son – come on!”
“I bought 3 of the awesome rings that spin and say ‘He Loves Me’ for 3 of my nieces for Christmas. Along with them, I typed out there names with something for each of them stating what a beautiful young lady they are (their ages are 11,12 & 13) put their name with words like, Respect, Purity, Loyalty, Honor, Love etc around the little sayings, put them in a picture frame and included the scripture.”
“One time i was buying some school supplies at Mardel christian book store and i saw an awesome folder that said jesus rules. my mom and i were about to leave that s when i saw the folder. i asked my mom if she would buy it for me and she finally said yes. i was so happy then i realized it was a kerusso product. i had never heard of kerusso so i went to the website. i love it and i love my folder. the folder has helped me teach people about jesus christ.”
“u see i live here and my friend got me a top from u and i just want more of them…they are really awesome…and i love seeing the look on peoples faces when they see a young teeneger walking down the street with a top saying that jesus died for them and he loves them…. i have even had a few encounters with people who ask why i am wearing such a lie and they have gone away considering what i say to them…. its amazing how much a few words on a tshirt can change a persons perspective on live forever… :)”
“Thank you for all the work and efforts you put forth to spread our Holy Father’s Word. I shop regularly at the Family Christian Bookstore in Fort Worth, Texas and tonight I bought my first Kerusso hoodie and beanie hat. They fit great and I will enjoy the conversations that come from wearing them.”
“I work for Gold City Quartet, one of the top names in the Southern Gospel Music genre. At one of our recent concerts, I saw one of our fans wearing Kerusso’s Isaiah T-shirt. I fell in love with the shirt, because we have a song on our latest CD that was taken from Isaiah 40:31. I feel this would be a great piece of merchandise for us to carry. Thank you!”
“I recently purchased your Re-Born in the USA t-shirt. I am a native German, but I have lived in the US for almost 17 years. Around the 4th of July, I have always felt kind of left out, never able to sing the song Born in the USA, just for example. When I found your t-shirt I was sooo happy. Even though I was physically born in Germany I can wear a patriotic t-shirt because I can proudly proclaim that I was Reborn in the USA!”
“I absolutely LOVE Kerusso gear!!! I think I have almost every t-shirt that has been released. Every Summer, my church, Mt.Zion Church of God in Christ, switches to “dress down” attire on Sunday Mornings; which means everyone can come comfortable. Guys can wear their jeans and ladies can wear their jean skirts, etc. A couple of summers ago, I started wearing a different Kerusso t-shirt every sunday. Everyone was so amazed at how cool the shirts were and they started looking forward to what t-shirt I would wear the next sunday. Well I started telling people where I was getting the shirts from, and a few people started wearing them as well. I am in the Minister of Music at my church, so one friday, I sent a text message to the choir asking everyone that could, to go and get a Kerusso t-shirt to wear on sunday. The colors for that sunday were brown and jean. That sunday morning, so many people came in with their Kerusso t-shirts on, that my pastor took about 15mins in the service to let everyone that had on a Kerusso t-shirt stand up and read what was on their shirt. It was amazing. The congregation Loved the shirts and it started a fad that still exists today. We Love Kerusso and you all have my support for as long as you keep making Christian Gear. May God continue to bless and Favor this Ministry in the form of a store! :-)”
“True to their word, Kerusso delivered not only shirts, but Witness Bands for our cabin. Please visit Kerusso.com and see what other wonderful t-shirts, gear & jewelry they have. I’d like to thank Jason Anzalone for his help. Jason, you made the girls in Cabin #5 very happy!!!! I couldn’t believe the scripture on the t-shirt as it was one that we had for our theme. Once again, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!!!”

“I wear Kerusso T-shirts because, every shirt has its own unique design, they are comfortable and affordable, and bring positive attention from people who are curious- which allows me to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. Also, because Kerusso T-shirts are an evangelism tool to help save the lost.”

“I wear this item very often since purchasing it. I love it. It’s noticable when I’m not trying to show the message. so I just go about and people read it when I dont know so some may recieve that message. My friend once told me that the way you dress can save a soul… This is what I call obvious. Thank you again, and I hope the seller has shirts just as cool as this one.”
“I am a resident of Galveston, affected by hurricane Ike in many ways. Just yesterday I received a bag of clothes from my cousin and inside the bag I found some very nice shirts. I was looking at the clothes with my son, and as I was looking at it his eyes opened wide as he said, “Look mom these shirts have scriptures on them.” He was so excited and so was I. It was four shirts and my son has claimed all four =) And now I am shopping for younger son and myself….shortly for the rest of my family, I know they’ll be wanting them.”
“I am a 35 year old resident of Carlyle, IL. I love to wear your t-shirts. It is great to see people take that “second glance”. I am starting to wear them at work. At first, I was hesitant; not becarse I was afraid of consequences ( we promote a Christian environment), but because I work in a pretty dirty job. I am starting to wear them anyway, because it lets people know that they are dealing with a Christian. If you are an atheist, you still like dealing with someone with a Christian attitude. It also doubles the amount of people that I expose to Jesus. Even if it is only a glimpse at a T-shirt, people get exposed.”
“I do not have a earth shattering testimony but it is as sincere as anyone else’s I guess. I lived all my life in a home being made to go to church and Sunday school. My parents demanded this is what we do. Even when we went camping we sometimews wouls look for a church on Sunday. As I grew to be a teenager I strayed but never forgot that God was always watching everything I did. I wasn’t a terrible teen but bad enough to forget about God for a while.

Ieventually got back into church after I married. Now I have grown children of my own and I have always tried to stress church. We are all sinners no matter what we have done or haven’t done. But now I go to one of the largest churches in Louisville andam so on fire for the Lord. Two of my children are christians and my brother and nephew are both preachers of the word. My other nephew is studying to be a youth pastor and we are all on fire to spread his name. This is one way I can do my part. I am not a preacher but I can get into some pretty great discussions on the subjest.”

“I love how Kerusso switches popular brands up so that people will stop and look at those wearing their shirts. So many pour so much cash into fancy $50/shirt brands, but for $20 for both shirt AND the opportunity to witness… it’s well worth it! Thanks, Kerusso!”

“My wife and kids have been buying T-shirts now, for the last few years as Christmas and birthday gifts, and I wear them till they have holes. People on the street always come to me, or stop me so they can read what my shirt says. It’s always a great way to meet new Christians and start up a conversation about Jesus.”

“Thanks for your products! It was about 4 years ago we found your shirts at a Christian store in Myrtle Beach on vacation. We were excited and thrilled to read your tag about your company. Now, I find myself leading a Christian school of over 1,500 children and your message is even a brighter beacon for me. I look to you and your company as “preachers” of what Christians should be like.”
“I have just purchased several of your T-shirts and intend to purchase more for gifts. I think it is great that we have the opportunity to share God’s Word just by walking around town doing our normal shopping! Five of the T-shirts I purchased are gifts for our praise band that plays at the church and prison.”
“I am part of a non-profit organization called Line of Fire and I found out about Kerusso by buying a couple t-shirts from a stand in a mall in Atlanta. I kept the tag on the shirt and am just now visiting the website. People have commented on the shirts I have (only positive feed back of course) and I would like to spread the news that We can change the world by changing the way We dress!”
“I first would like to thank kerusso for the visual creative impact that I believe soon will be the brand worn by many to come. I happenend to be in the local mall and a vendor selling your passionate vision at one of the mall booths. Right away I walked up and purchased four shirts because they represented what I am still trying to accomplish. I wanted to purchase more but I decided I will come back later. Well, the next day in church about ten people saw me endorsing your vision and was impressed with it.

As I was leaving a gentleman whom had just joined that day was waliking down steps from the opposite side of me and recognized your vision. The blessing was that he also has an interest in your companies vision. We exchanged numbers and we are going to discussed some business marketing ideas. I am a former graphic design student, and I have been designing some t-shirts on my own which I have yet to create a platform for peolple to see. But after purchasing your product I took that as a sign that if I don’t pursue the passion it may die inside of me.

I would love to endorse your product and learn how to integrate my ideas into your company. For me to purchase your product, go to church, and meet someone who has the same interest as myself. WOW!If this is not a message experience from God, then I need to pray on it. I thank God for your passion to make a difference. When people change the way they think, they change the way they look at things.”

“I saw stuff I loved on the web site, where might I find a store near me where I can look at the sizes. I have 4 girls in grades 4th, 7th, 8th, and 9th. I think these shirts are something we can both agree are stylish and sends a message, a cool looking one.”
“Hello Guys! My Family was recently on vacation in Gatlinburg, TN, celebrating my Father’s 60th B-day. My nieces know my love for the Lord & my passion 4 fashion . . . I dropped a quick $100.00 on your Kerusso T’s for all of my nieces! I didn’t know until I got home that your line was sold in our very own town.”
“I have a few of your shirts and i think the designs are awesome and of course the message (i wouldnt buy anything else), you guys are doing a great job!!! my questons is: have you guys thought about the hispanic market? i know that there is a huge christian hispanic market out there just waiting for a ministry like yours, let me know what you think, i would be your first customer.blessings to everyone and the team.”
“I just want to start by saying that God Bless all of you, I love all your shirts, they really impact me as a christian, it really means alot that there’s people out there that care so much for people’s life that they go out and do this wonderful things, to touch people’s life with this amazing t-shirts the scriptures that you guys put on this shirts is wow I cant even describe it. I just hope you guys keep on going on, dont stop doing this, really you guys are touching people’s life changing them, by telling that there is a God, that he loves us so much, he gave his only son to died for us.

Furthermore I had just one suggestion i dont know if it could be possible in the future or whenever, you guys can put the shirts in different languages maybe. I am hispanic and I would love to see scriptures in spanish this wonderful shirts you guys have in spanish it would really mean alot there people that have ask me if they sell them in spanish.maybe in the future, please considered as an idea. Well I guess this is all. May God keep on going blessing you all the workers, employees. Whoever is doing all this wonderful work. Keeep on going with this ministry. God Bless!”

“I work with high school students. My daughter went to church camp and came home with one of your guitar picks. I love it. I would like to purchase them for the group of students I work with. We did an activity this summer with out group that ask students to cross the line if they were prodistant, again if they were each religion, then again if they were atheist, We had some cross the line.

Your story above inspires me. I want to show these teens the way to Jesus. Because I work in an educational environment, I have to be subtle. They don’t say we can’t discuss religeon, but it is not advised. I too will purchase this book “The Late Great Planet Earth” I also want to get them the picks because that is something they already like. How do I get to the products you sell? Thank You!”

“Thank you Chris. I just wanted to write you real quick to express my gratitude for Kerusso. I get so tired of seeing the “I’m-with-stupid” type shirts. It’s awesome that we can have a line of shirts that actually means something and makes people think. My goal is to own every one. Thank you for helping make a difference. Well, I hope you have a very blessed week.”
“Let me just say at first how much I really enjoy wearing kerusso shirts! They’re a great way to witness to everyone who even looks at you! My story I tell most would be the one about my orthodontist. He is Jewish, and I pray that God would convict him to be saved, but I know that I definitely planted some seeds! By the cap he wore, you could obviously tell that he was Jewish and it’s really hard to witness without witnessing since it is clearly obvious what religion he is. Also, you can’t say much when you’re mouth is what he is working on. He was really kind, and of course I wanted to somehow let him know I was a Christian and witness to him without offending him.

So guess what? Lol! Well, every time we would go my appointment, I would stop by the LifeWay Christian Bookstore and pick up another new Christian T-shirt. I had a different one on to each of my appointments with him. He had to have clearly seen what my shirt said when I was laying down on the chair right beside him! I invited one of my sisters with me one day and I got her to wear yet another kerusso shirt. He commented, “Oh you have one too?” and smiled. He said, “She always has on a different shirt every time I see her.” By him saying that, I clearly knew that he noticed and it made me feel great, that I at least was able to witness to him through all of the many different shirts!”

“My 9-year old son wanted to wear a cross necklace, as suddenly they have become a very popular item in school with all the boys (and girls). I was a little bit leery picking it out myself, but he could not have been happier, wears it every day and remembers to take it off before showering!”

“Hey. I’m 15 and I have bought the 100 pack of your wristbands, and i just want to thank you because if it wasn’t for the wristbands, I wouldn’t have helped out my friends in need. By the bands I have shared and given away, I have brought them closer than ever to God. So thank you.”
“Most Christian apparal is just either too nice to make a bold statement or too brutal to unbelievers in my taste, but Kerusso just has the right amount of tact to make it nice and the right amount of boldness to make a memorable statement to others. I own several t-shirts, my favorite is ‘not ashamed to call upon His name’. That one just struck me hard when I saw it. I’d just gotten out of a tough struggle with my faith at that time, and I was wanting to find a way to proclaim His victory through my prayers. Thank you so much, for allowing me to proclaim my faith to others but not push them away in doing so. Keep up the good work!”
“I just returned from a family trip to Branson, Missourui. We found your T shirts at Silver Dollar City and I was quite impressed with them! I am interested in knowing a little more about your company – specifically, employment opportunities. Where are you headquarters located? Are there any employment opportunities in Oklahoma in regards to sales or product management?Thank you for spreading the Good News of Jesus in such a fun & creative way!”
“Wow…this is truly the best thing since sliced bread…I love this idea…I love the products…so inventive and even more genius because it draws the secular world in to the Biblical truths…truths that many of the secular culture have drawn their ideas from in the first place! I found the shirts in a convenient store/gas station stop in GA…I had such a difficult time choosing the one I wanted…all of them had such great phrases…if I had more money, I was sure to purchase more. I have worn my shirt about 5 times now, and every time I wear it, I get a positive review. One review has encouraged a business owner to purchase the Kerusso product herself to sell in the Bahamas!”
“I was looking at the t shirt display when another gentleman commented on the message on the front of some of the shirts. He bought 2 shirts, as did I. I think these shirts are an awesome way to share-send-proclaim the powerful message of salvation through Jesus Christ. I have had people stop and admire these shirts. They definitely send out a hopeful message to everyone.”
“I am a pastor and about two years ago I had an accident at work which cause me to have my leg amputated below my calf. The gentlemen that constructed my prosthesis he informed me that he could put a t-shirt on my prosthesis. So by me being a Christian I decided to wear two of your t-shirts on two of my prosthetic legs and the two t-shirts are CSL Christ for Life and Sing Sealed and Delivered.”
“My wife and I bought some Kerusso Tees while on vacation. I have trouble approaching people about my faith, but since I’ve been wearing the Blood Donor Shirt (along with others), I’ve been approached time and time again. Because of Kerusso T-shirts, 5 people have come to church with me!”
“I am a Freshman at a public high school. I am what most people consider a quiet guy. But I am big for my age. That can be bad but it can be good. At least when I wear T-shirts that have a message. Thank you for creating some fantastic looking designs that I can wear and still speak a message of hope to most of my high school. I do not even know if there 10 active Christians in a school of 280 kids. Your products makes them think for sure. Keep those new designs coming.”

“I constantly weatr Kerusso shirts, and they often catch people by surprise because they think it is a brand shirt and then they figure out that it is saying something religious. I often get asked questions about my beliefs after people read the shirt I’m wearing and it has brought some people I know closer to God.”

“Love your website, your product and your Mission for spreading God’s Word. We have a similar Mission, “to spread God’s Word on the back of car windows all across America”. Our product, PRAISE GRAPHICS, are the 1st “seethru” Christian Window Graphics for your car, home or business. Our slogan is: “DRIVEN TO SHARE THE WORD!”. I have been praying for the opportunity to share this product line with your company. Please visit us at: www.praise-graphics.com to view our product, designs. Our website also tells about how my husband was “inspired by God” to create this product. OUR PRODUCT IS UNIQUE: it’s printed on a “seethru perforated vinyl” that allows the driver to “see thru” the graphic, not blocking the view. They are applied to the “rear window of vehicles”.

Many customers have also placed them on front windows of their home or business. Our company, D & D Graphics ONSITE creates, designs, and manufactures our “see thru” window graphics. Customers can choose from our Praise Category, Bible Verses, Christian Expressions, Challenge Statements, our go to the “YOU DESIGN IT” and order there own favorite bible verse, etc. We can also use these designs for printing on smaller size vinyl stickers, bumper stickers, magnets, t-shirts, window clings, etc. I first saw your product line at a local Hallmark Store. I have tried diligently to contact them about carrying our product line – so far God has not opened that door. Maybe Kerusso can!!?”

“I love what you all are doing. I’m sure that God is very pleased. How I could go about advertising for you guys? You don’t have to pay me a cent. You guys have just touched my heart and I would like to help build up your company’s popularity. If there is anything that I could do, please don’t hesitate to ask.”
“I was born into Christ 11/26/06. I wasn’t a nice person before that, I’ve been homeless since the year 2000, and I grew to hate the Word of God, and those who follow Christ. I had been a ruthless violent person who had tried to kill Christians for preaching or evangelizing me, and came close sometimes. Then one day I spent a few hours going off on God, and asked him if he was real and if he was to prove himself to me by throwing me three shooting stars. And right then I got three shooting stars.

Then the next day Sunday I went to church and gave my life to Christ and have been running strong since. I turned all of my punk rock squatter clothes into plain jeans and Kerusso T-shirts. And I now am an evangelist. I remember when I accepted Christ. I was filled with the Holy Spirit much like the day of Pentecost with a rushing of wind. But not a speaking of tongues (a gift I still have not received).”

“Hat’s off to Kerusso for making such a clever and unexpectedly high quality product. Over the last 23 years, I’ve played guitar for DC Talk, Kent Henry, Ron Kenoly, Alvin Slaughter, Israel Houghton, Benny Hinn, even as guitar tech for Stryper. My wife Suzy Holmbeck is a GMA award winning Nashville recording artist and through it all I’ve realized how poorly the printing sticks to picks. The art work just wears off…

Not long ago I was playing in a Rodney Howard Brown crusade, and I actually used one of your Pick Jesus picks expecting the gold foil to wear off like Fender, Gibson, Steve Clayton, and many other custom picks I’ve used over the years. But now, weeks later, and gig after gig, your pick still looks (and sounds) incredible! Having purchased over 10,000 custom picks over the years, (they are more fun to give out than biz cards) I would love to have my picks made with your custom pick vendor.

I’m not asking for any free-bees- just the vendor’s contact info… Feel free to use my testimonial. And please, pass this on to the powers that be, with the hopes that soon, I too can be jamming on my own custom picks that look (and sound) as fantastic as your inspirational Pick Jesus picks.”

“At the beginning of May, our high school (Crestview High School, Crestview, Florida) was having another blood drive. A few weeks before that, it was advertised at the school, so I got a couple of the seniors to get together some of the students to get the, “A Blood Donor Saved My Life” T-shirt. There were about 70 students and teachers who wore the shirts on the day of the blood drive. They were a very big hit! From what I understand, there are now more teachers and students wanting one. They were an awesome testimony, and it was great to see many of the Christian students wearing them.”
“My husband and I are long time fans of your T-Shirts. Every time we go to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, we purchase several T-Shirts. We always wear the same type of shirt when we go out together. We were out shopping today, and approximately 15 – 20 individuals commented to us about how they liked our T-Shirts. We were wearing the one that says “Jesus Rules.” We also like your motto Change Your Shirt. Change the World!” That’s one I can really stand behind. We are beginning our own Internet business, and we would like to feature your T-Shirts and other products on our website.”
“Her son’s best friend, Jeremy, 16 years old, was killed in a skateboarding accident.Jeremy was a believer and NEVER took off his Live 4 Him Wristband. At the hospital while working on Jeremy the nurses had to cut the wristband off.. The mom was hysterical Saying: ‘NO YOU CANNOT CUT HIS WRISTBAND OFF IT MEANT EVERYTHING TO HIM… ‘ Long story short they did end up cutting the wristband off and during the visitation his mom placed the wristband in His hand.. all the friends and relatives that went to visitation asked about the wristband and was able to share Christ With soo many because of this.The lady ordered 400 Live 4 Him Wristbands to share at his son’s funeral on Saturday and everyone will receive a wristband.”
“I received the “You Are Loved” tshirt from Kerusso. On the occasions that I’ve worn it, I’ve received compliments on the design and the message. The message on the tee is a very strong message that holds deep meaning for me. I think the shirt is designed in a way that grabs the readers attention and hopefully makes them stop to think about what it says. The shirt itself fits me very well, and has not faded since washing it. Thapparel and accessories that Kerusso carries is a positive way to show your love for Jesus and show others where you stand.”

“We got this super cool and hip t-shirt for Jason. I love that it is a Christian pride shirt, but also has really cool graphics, so you can be proud and stylin’ wherever you go! Kerusso is a Christian pride store that has so many great shirts and accessories for everyone in your family.”

“Kerusso offers a nice selection of Christian T-shirts, jewelry and more! I wear this shirt (Mom Cherished) often and it’s a nice reminder that it’s all worth it when I’m having a rough day. This would make a great gift to express your admiration for your Mom and it’s a beautiful way to show others that you are indeed… cherished. This shirt is well made. I have washed, dried, and worn it several times in the last month and a half and it has not shrunk or faded. The design still looks good!”
“We actually came by the Gods Girl dolls at a christian store by accident and my daughter, aged 9, LOVES them. I’m pretty impressed with them too, the message is great and the clothes aren’t too skimpy like most of Barbie’s wardrobe. I just wish that they had a broader availability. If I had seen these at any other store- Target, Walmart, Kmart, even a Hobby Lobby, I would have bought it in a snap! There has got to be a better way to get the word out, these dolls are fantastic and fill a very deep void in the doll market.”
“BTW: great job, thanks for making God Wear cool. My son and I first discovered your apparel at, of all places, a gift shop in a San Antonio theme park: Fiesta Texas. My son wanted one of everything, and since it fell under the umbrella of “school clothes” I kind of indulged him. I’m proud that he shines his light, and it is in part, thanks to your designers’ cool, clever graphics and typography.”
“I went to New Jersey to visit my cousin Jamie. We went to the mall while i was there and her dad said, “Girls you have to come here there’s this stand with coll t-shirts.” so we walked over and I was sooo excited! I absolutley had to get one of the t-shirts! So her dad said he would pay for one to let me have, but they were so cool I had to buy another with my own money.

So I ended up getting the Reese’s Jesus shirt and the easy botton one. At the end of my trip we had to ride a plane home, and I was wearing the Reese’s shirt, and everyone was saying, ” I love your shirt” or, ” thats so cool”, even one of the flight attendants complimented it. And just recently I wore it to volleyball practice (at public school) and they loved it too. When they asked were I got it they were dissapointed to hear I got it all the way in New Jersey. Since everyone liked I deciced that I’m going to wear it to actuall school. So pray for good results.”

“I just have a wonderful comment about the shirts I purchased last month. I attended the 8/28 Event in Washington, D.C. The event that Glenn Beck held at the Lincoln Memorial, and I received so many compliments on the shirt that I wore from Kerusso. My picture was taken about four times with the Christ Hope tee shirt, and I gave your website out to so many more people. They all love the shirt and I hope that you will get many sales from it. You were so kind to me when ordering, that I know God will bless your company for your kindness. God watches over and blesses those who are obedient.”
“Before,i was alonely soul walking this earth with no direction.I submitted to numerous sins that this world had to offer.Yet i felt happy at times,when it came to looking at myself in the mirror i was disguisted.I knew about Christ but was too ignorant to appreciate what he had done for me. Wich is pay the ultimate price,to die just so thati could be saved.One day i decided that enough was enough.

The lifestyle that i was living wasnt going to get me anywhere.I decided to accept Jesus Christ as my lord and savior.The relationship that i aquired with God afterwards is undescrivable!Now i have found true happiness and i hope you all do the same.Thank you for listening and God bless..”

“I took Jesus as my savior 15yrs ago, sitting here in a low spot i just looking at clipart i ran into your chips and they touched my heart, then I read your scriptures and prayer. God Bless you all for what you do, It might not be for just the unsaved but us that are weak to help be uplifted! Have a blessed day.”

“When I’m wearing the clothes I have purchased from Kerusso I get all kinds of questions and attention. I love having the oppotunity to talk to people about christ since the church I attend doesn’t go on any mission trips this has been one of the few ways to let me talk to people about christ. Though I am young I feel that I should tell as many people in my age group about god and Kerusso helps me do it.”
“i didnt just accept Jesus as my savior, I surrendered my life to Christ about a year ago :) i just wanted to say i love your shirts, i bought about 5 from a shop at a six flags the weekend i graduated NAVY bootcamp. :) i love these shirts, because its my outward showing of my faith :) God Bless you and what you are doing :)
“the t-shirts you’ll sent were received today and well, on behalf of he agape V.I.P’s (Victorious In Prayer) i would personally like to thank you for helping and supporting our ministry. Our young people truly enjoyed the t-shirts you provided us with. you should soon be receiving a card and a donation from our director Marion Sampson(aka the manual) but really God bless you guys and may God continue to inspire you all and keep you all thanks so much again.”
“Thank you so much for fulfilling my order. This shirt is incredibly awesome! It fits well and wears even better! In the culture today, Mixed Martial Arts is on the rapid rise and the apparel which is associated with it is Tapout. I absolutely love the play on their Trademark (Souled Out) which then points people who read it back to the Cross (Mark 12:30 & James 4:7) – Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength and Submit yourselves to God. This shirt is relative to today’s culture without compromise or relation to relativism. Great job! I am completely pleased with my purchase and look forward to making future purchases with Kerusso. May the Lord continue blessing your ministry at Kerusso.”
“I love sharing my faith and wearing my faith on my sleeve… As the world’s only Christian Sword Swallower, I have been blessed with a unique calling and a ministry that takes me around the world. I love wearing my Kerusso shirts as another way of sharing my faith with others. Thanks for all you do to further the Kingdom of God!”
“I have a wonderful testimony from wearing Kerusso shirts!! I attend a cosmetology school and ‘beatuy shops’ are known for their gossip and such. But on saturdays we get to wear a black t-shirt of some sort. This past saturday I wore my Kerusso shirt that said ‘A Blood Donor Saved My Life’ on the front and the cross with Matthew 26:28 wrote in it on… See More the back. I was just minding my own business and doing my work when a fellow student said, “Candice, did a blood donor really save your life?” I said “Yes!!” She was like well when, and who was it?! I said a little while back, His name is Jesus!! She didn’t know what to say just looked at me funny, then she began to read the back of my shirt then it hit her, Jesus Christ! So I got to minister to her and the clients that where there about Jesus and how He died for all of us! It was a wonderful time and a great conversation opener about Jesus!! So thank you all for the shirts, I enjoy being a ‘walking ministry’ for Jesus!! “
“Over the years, it’s been interesting to observe the “double-takes” when gym users pause to look at the messages. Recently, just wearing a Kerusso shirt triggered a conversation with another gym user who I’d seen but never talked to. Since that day a few weeks ago when I learned she is also a Christian, we always make a point to say “Hi” when we see each other.”

“My sister in law loved this shirt when I gave it to her for Christmas.It’s great quality with a great message. I would definately recommend!”

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