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Christian Purses

Kerusso’s Christian purses are the perfect compliment to any outfit and a great addition to your purse collection. These purses not only provide a home to your coins, cards and pictures but they each contain a message from God’s Word.

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Jesus loves us is a phrase we can never hear enough of. Knowing that the God of the universe loves us never gets old. And with one glance at any of our Christian purses you are reminded of the powerful reality of God’s love.

Obviously purses aren’t anything new; their origins can be traced back to the times of Egyptians who included purses in their hieroglyphs. And while our purses probably won’t be found painted on the inside of a pyramid, our Christian purses are purses with a purpose. The mission of Kerusso is to proclaim the Good News to the world through products about Jesus. Each purse carries a symbol or message about that Good News. So, no matter where you are or whom you are with the opportunity to have a discussion about the King of Kings is always present.

There probably aren’t many places you go without taking your purse – the mall, gym, school and a hundred other places. Now think about carrying a message of hope and salvation into each of those places. With a Kerusso Christian purse that’s exactly what you have the opportunity to do. You have the ability to carry God’s everlasting word wherever you go.

The next time you need a cool new purse don’t settle for something boring and without meaning. You can always find any old bag to carry your things around in but why would you? Choose from our selection of fun and trendy Christian purse designs and start carrying more than your money – start carrying the message of the One who owns everything!