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Christian Hair Ties

Could God choose something as simple as a hair tie to show someone His love? The answer is a huge yes. He absolutely would use a Christian hair tie to let someone know that He is crazy in love with His creation. Think about this: He is looking to use you to be His hands, His feet, and His voice to let others know just how much He loves them.

We have created these hair ties as a simple way to remind you, and everyone who reads them, that Jesus gave His life to save the lost. Luke 19:10 reminds us that the Son of Man, Jesus, came to seek and to save the lost. Each one of us was lost before we gave our hearts and lives to Jesus. At some point, someone told us that Jesus was The Way. We were told that through a relationship with Jesus we could experience true life and no longer be lost. Now, it’s our turn to share that same hope with others.

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