Christian Hair Accessories

Kerusso Christian Hair Accessories, headbands, and hair ties combine great messages along with cool colors and styles to create great witnessing tools. It doesn’t matter if you are a mom, teenage girl, or young lady. Our Christian accessories keep you in style while giving you the ability to express your faith at the same time.

In Matthew 13:24 we read that Jesus told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field.” We each have the responsibility to sow the seeds of the kingdom - the Good News of salvation that is found only through Jesus Christ. Through our words, deeds and action seeds our sown. Even through our clothing, jewelry and accessories the seeds of God’s word can be sown.

Take a look at your accessories – your headbands, hair accessories and hair clips. Do any of these carry a message of hope? Do you have Christian hair accessories that plant seeds of hope? Do you wear headbands that can proclaim the Good News?

Our Christian hair accessories and headbands feature the same eye-catching designs and heart impacting Bible verses as our T-shirts. When someone sees the accessory that you adorn your hair with there will be no doubt as to Who you follow and what you believe. 

Max Lucado says, “To call yourself a child of God is one thing. To be called a child of God by those who watch your life is another thing altogether. “ This is a great challenge for each of us who call ourselves children of God. When others see the clothes, jewelry or accessories we wear does it cause them to think twice? Does the headband in your hair make someone take a second look and lead them to ask you what the message means?

Think how by simply wearing a Christian headband could open the door for a life-changing conversation about the Savior of the world – Jesus Christ. The Bible tells us that the Lord uses even simple things to confound the wise. So…could a simple headband, hair tie or Christian accessory help change a life? Could the simple act of wearing a headband that is printed with a Bible verse on it sow a seed that leads to eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven? The answer is yes!

Get your headbands and Christian hair accessories from Kerusso today and begin sowing the seeds of life wherever you go!