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Christian Guitar Straps

God rocks! And now, you can too- all while spreading an affirmative message of your Christian faith. Our Christian Guitar Straps are custom designed to help you share the Good News with simple, bold statements of belief that are bound to get noticed.

These Christian Guitar Straps are the perfect solution for musicians who need quality musical accessories that match their Christian lifestyles. At Kerusso, we customize all our Christian themed messaging so that they help folks spark a conversation about Christianity. Your message is sure to get noticed with one of these cool Guitar Straps… whether you’re front and center, jamming out a solo, or just keeping rhythm with the choir.

Like all of our products, these Guitar Straps are an extension of our mission to spread the word of Christ. We love having the opportunity to meet the needs of our Christian community, whether it’s with our award-winning Christian T-Shirts, or our new products like the Guitar Straps you see on this page, the Drum Sticks or other Gift Ideas, or even the Christian Tools.

Our products have reached millions of Christians just like you for the last 25 years. We are an American-owned, family-operated company that strives to honor Christ in everything we do. If you have any questions about these Christian guitar straps, please let us know.

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