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Christian Flashlights

Light up the night with our Christian flashlights. These flashlights are emblazoned with a portion of scripture from 1 John 1:7, encouraging users to “walk in the light.” How many times have you found yourself in need of a flashlight? These provide the perfect opportunity to lend a helping hand in more ways than one. Illuminate the night and share your Christian walk.

Mini Flashlights

Our Mini flashlights boast a super-bright LED light in a super-compact housing. These attractive, eye-catching flashlights come in four bold colors: black, red, blue, and purple. In addition, our mini flashlights come with a bonus carabiner attached for easy clip-on.

The message on these mini flashlights shines just as brightly as the light.

Carabiner Flashlight

The four-in-one Carabiner flashlight is also a key chain and a compass. The seamless integration of all four tools is perfect for the person with many needs and little space. Proudly utilize this great tool and spark interest when others ask about the John 3:16 reference boldly printed in white.

Dynamo Flashlight

Ever go to use a flashlight but find the batteries have failed? Get the Dynamo flashlight from Kerusso and never have to worry about dead or missing batteries again. Just squeeze, and it’s automatically recharged. The Dynamo comes in a translucent red, blue, or black casing.

If you think that sharing the gospel is difficult, these Christian flashlights provide great opportunities to introduce God as well as being the perfect tools. Check out more Kerusso Christian tools and fill your toolbox while you increase your faith.