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Christian Drum Sticks

Introducing Christian Drum Sticks from Kerusso. With these Drum Sticks, you can proudly display your faith, belief, and passion for Christ- even while you’re banging out a drum solo or rocking with the band. Each stick says “Stick with Jesus”… loud and proud right on the drum stick.

For more than 25 years, we have provided the highest quality and lowest prices on all kinds of Christian merchandise, and we are thrilled to now be able to offer these hard-to-find Drum Sticks for Christians. Our philosophy is to help people spread the word of God with bold, eye-catching messages that communicate a simple but powerful truth about Christ. That way, it’s easier to start a dialogue with folks you meet—all while you affirm your own belief in Christ.

The Christian Drum Sticks you see on this page are just the start. Soon, we’ll add more variety and different styles of sticks. We hope to add Drum Sticks in different colors as well, and with new messaging too.

Have questions about these Drum Sticks? Just drop us a line via email, or you can even call us. We consider it a blessing to speak with our cherished customers and we’re happy to help in any way. We are an American company that is family-owned and operated—so please contact us anytime.

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