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Christian Bags

With Kerusso, your love of Christ is in the bag… literally! We have a full section of Christian Bags and Christian Handbags for you to choose from. It’s the perfect marriage of form and function—as each high quality bag offers you a great way to keep track of all your stuff while also telling the world about your faith in Christ.

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We carry Christian tote bags, handbags, and more. We know that there’s plenty of choices out there when it comes to secular bags, but how many fun and fashionable bags can you find that let you spread the word—and hopefully spark a simple conversation with folks who are hungry for the news of Christ? That’s why we started this Christian Bags product line… to help make it easy for you to communicate your message of Christ with eye-catching, bold messages that spread the word in a direct and effective way.

Since 1987, Kerusso has provided millions of Christians just like you with great prices and a great selection on Christian themed merchandise. Our T-shirts are famous for their award-winning Christian designs and memorable messaging. Now, we are thrilled to extend that same commitment to the space of Christian Handbags.