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More Cool Stuff

If you want to find more cool stuff, Christian Accessories from Kerusso make spreading the Gospel of Jesus easy. Content, design, and selection make our accessories like no other. With Scripture on each piece that is designed, the opportunity to share your faith can happen each time you wear one of Kerusso’s Accessories.

Drummers love our Christian Drumsticks. Recently a drum teacher shared the following story with us – “I am a drum teacher and thought the ‘Stick With Jesus’ drumsticks wouldn’t hold up with a young, harder hitting drummer using them. I was WRONG! He LOVES them! Way to go Kerusso!” Our drumsticks are made from real maple. These 5A drumsticks are embellished with our “Stick with Jesus” logo and are ready to make a joyful noise while giving witness to Christ.

Kerusso Christian Accessories include Church Accessories, Band Accessories and even Christian Motorcycle Accessories. Each accessory has the same mission and that is to preach the Good News of Christ to all who see them.

With our Christian Accessories you are not only reminded of God’s faithfulness, love and power but you are wearing something that has the ability to start a conversation that can change the life of someone for eternity. Don’t underestimate how God can use something as simple as a Kerusso Accessory. The Bible says that the Lord uses the simple things to confound the wise so don’t be surprised when He uses your Christian Accessories to open the door for your to share your testimony.