T-shirt Line Reminds of Civic Duty

As the contest for the White House intensifies, apparel leader Kerusso has launched a Pray-Vote-Pray campaign, seeking to raise awareness of civic duty through its new line.

Pray-Vote-Pray T-shirts, available this month, aim to reinforce the message that church leaders nationwide are encouraging Christians to pray for the country, vote their conscience and then pray for those in authority.

“As Christians we have the privilege, responsibility and a command from the Lord to pray,” said Kerusso President and CEO Vic Kennett. “As you prepare to fulfill your voting obligation this fall, remember to pray for wisdom in your decisions. Prayer doesn’t end at the polling booth; it’s just the beginning. Regardless of party affiliation or preference, our obligation is to pray for those in authority over us.”

The company is helping document such prayers at its Web site by allowing people to post, or e-mail, their prayers for the country. When 10,000 prayers have been posted, Kerusso will deliver these to the presidential candidates and drive home the point that there are praying voters who are concerned about the future of the country.

Two T-shirt designs are available in two colors each. Pray-Vote-Pray comes in cardinal and navy, and Whose Side Are You On? is available in navy and heather. The latter shirt includes an elephant and donkey on the front and a quote from Abraham Lincoln on the back.

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