Kerusso’s God’s Girlz make appearance in The Washington Times

Call them the alternative Barbies. The iconic doll recently celebrated her 50th birthday with a pink cake, a party at her Malibu dream house — and an 8 percent fall in sales during the third quarter of 2009. She’s also faced a half-century of fighting off critics and parents, who say Barbie is too sexy for the young girls who play with her.

That has left a spot on the shelves for companies that have created dolls just a little more modestly dressed and with a girl-power message that trumps even Barbie’s NASA flight suit. “A lot of parents have looked at the fashion dolls that are out there encouraging girls to be something they are not,” says Chris Rainey, vice president of marketing for Kerusso, an Arkansas-based company that makes Christian products, including a line of dolls known as…Click Here to Read Complete Article.


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