Kerusso Continues Leadership in Top-Volume Apparel Charts

BERRYVILLE, AR – Kerusso, the premier producer of Christian apparel, continues in the top 30 of the annual Top-Volume Decorators for 2009 by “Impressions” magazine. “Impressions,” the nation’s leading publication reporting on the decorated apparel industry, noted Kerusso was one of only 12 companies on this prestigious annual top-50 list that enjoyed more than 10 percent growth of piece volume during the previous 12 months.

“The Top-Volume Decorators for 2009 by ‘Impressions” magazine is an annual milestone for us,” said Vic Kennett, CEO/President of Kerusso. “It reveals how hard our company’s employees work to increase apparel numbers and the quality of our product.”

Decorators on “Impressions’” annual list of the biggest shops are masters of customer service, production methods and other business basics—even in a recession. And it’s that artistic talent pool, along with production wizardry and visionary leadership that has propelled an elite group of shops onto “Impressions’” annual list of Top-Volume Decorators.

“Decorators on “Impressions’” annual list of top-volume shops,” the magazine reports, “prove that an economic downturn doesn’t necessarily mean a slump in production, sales volume or mindset.”

“Impressions” magazine, based in Alpharetta, Ga., is the one-stop source for decorated apparel industry professionals and the one source they can trust for authoritative, up-to-date information on screen printing, embroidery, heat-applied graphics and inkjet-to-garment printing.

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