Kerusso Apparel Makes It Easy To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution… And Share Your Faith

Berryville, AR — With the new year right around the corner, Kerusso Apparel offers new t-shirt designs and messages to enable Christians to fulfill their New Year’s resolution to be more active in proclaiming and sharing their faith.

With messages of hope and rebirth, believers who wear these shirts can open doors to questions and conversations about Biblical topics and personal conversion stories that they would never engage in otherwise.Kerusso President Vic Kennett says, “Over the past 20 years we’ve seen and heard about the amazing ways the Lord has used more than 10 million shirts to reach people with a Christian message that they rejected through other means. It’s simple, but effective, so we’re getting the job done!”

Available at more than 7,000 retailers worldwide, Kerusso t-shirts are a powerful and effective way to share the Gospel with anyone who encounters the wearer. Impressions magazine has said that the average t-shirt may be read as many as 3,000 times before it’s thrown away, providing ample opportunity to reinforce the timeless message of truth and light in a dark world.

Jessica Summers, a high school senior from Kansas shares, “These shirts have been great for my witness inschool. The first four weeks of school I had a different shirt everyday. I get comments about them all the time and kids tell me that they are a great encouragement. I truly believe that by changing your shirt you can change the world, because I have seen it in my own life. School is a hard place to witness, but these shirts help a lot.”

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