i Tune Into God

submitted by Vito

Often it seems to me in today’s world people are isolated unto themselves & by their choice. We don’t disturb a persons ‘private bubble’ space. We don’t know if a person is talking to us, speaking into their bluetooth or singing to their Ipod. That makes it all the more important that today people know where you are tuned. I was just reading in the book of Daniel, where it was made law that if anyone asks a favor of God or man – except from the King –shall be thrown to the lions. This was set up by the enemies of Daniel. Why? Because everyone knew, and it was no secret that Daniel worshipped his God, prayed with his windows open. [Daniel 6:10]

How and when do you pray? Do you shy at being seen or heard praying? Don’t be afraid to let people see your focus. Let the joy and music, that Jesus puts in your heart, out for the world to see. What do people hear from you? Psalm 147:1 “We give praise to You, Lord! For it is good to sing praises to You, our God, Because praise is pleasant and beautiful.”

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