He Died For Me – I Live For Him

submitted by Vito Sawtell

Humor me, and let me steer you to some thoughts to ponder.

Especially now, but has always been, we like things to be cost effective. We want value. We want to get our moneys worth. If we decide to pay a LOT for something we had better use it. It had better be worth the sacrifice. If dad buys a high dollar boat, you can bet mom is calculating just how much it is being used for that “family time together” line dad used in his rationalization to buy it. Humor me some more—

Lets say you bought a bulldozer. How much do they cost?? [I have no clue but for A LOT] How often would you have to use it to feel right in having it?? I would say, a full 40 hour week for sure if not more. When you did not have it scheduled to be used yourself, I would hope you would rent it to someone else. Say you wanted to take a trip, would you feel right to take a vacation without someone using it while you were gone? If at all possible, would you want your dozer to spend any time unused?

Ok, lets say someone bought that dozer for you. Paid for it in full — OK, lets say they paid for it with —- THE LIFE OF THEIR ONLY SON. Killed, died, paid for, it’s yours now, no payments. Are you starting to follow me now?? Has the value of that dozer dropped? Expectations for the dozer being used to be worthwhile changed??

God needs that bulldozer to be used. He needs roads built that lead to His Kingdom. You have nothing, but for what God has given you, and Paid dearly for. You are a tool. Built by the materials and experiences God has put into you. A tool is of no use – unused.

Reflect – Give yourself to God. Allow yourself to be used, worn, ‘broken in’, scratched, dented, dirty. Only by the hands of the Master on the tool can anything be accomplished. You know it — ‘tools make the job’. Are you an accessible tool for God? You have been paid for by the shed blood of Christ. –Think on this some, and may you let God put His hand upon you.

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