Can Christian t-shirts really help people share Jesus?

Can Christian t-shirts really help people share Jesus? Leading producer of unique Christian t-shirts and other christian apparel, Kerusso, Inc. believes they can. They tell real stories about real people like Bill Sullivan who runs a Christian clothing store in a local mall.

Bill recalls a thirteen year old girl who wanted to look at the Christian T-shirts he had on display, but he gathered from the comments he overheard that the girl’s mother did not want to stop because of the Christian content on the shirts–that is, until she read the message on one of the shirts herself.

Bill says, “As she read it, her face clouded and she started to cry. I asked her if I could pray with her. She said yes and accepted Jesus Christ as she stood here in front of my store.” That’s when Bill learned that the woman’s husband had left the family and more tragically, she found her 17 year-old daughter dead in her room. The mom also was tempted to kill herself but couldn’t leave her youngest daughter without a father and a mother, too.

It was then that Bill understood the real impact of christian clothing to a hurting world. He recalls that the teenage girl could not contain her joy over her mom’s immediate transformation. They went to get something to eat but came back with a cookie and many thanks for Bill’s prayer and his soul-saving shirt.

Christian T-Shirts Get Hits

Vic Kennett, President of Kerusso says that the message on a Christian T-shirt will be read approximately 3,000 times before the Christian shirt is discarded. That’s one of the reasons Christian t-shirts, apparel, jewelry, gifts, and accessories are being offered through online Christian clothing stores like Owner, Ron DiGaetano, says, “I am very happy that the Lord led me to this opportunity to produce “walking witnessers” for Christ. Operating Crossroads Depot allows me to stay in ministry while being a full-time caregiver for my mother. And yes. She likes the cool Christian t-shirt designs, too!” And we have plans to continue adding new and unique products to help people of all ages share their faith fearlessly.

For instance, Crossroads Depot offers inspirational video devotionals, a step-by-step “Road to Heaven” page, and a wide collection of thought-provoking designs and messages on Christian t-shirts, hoodies, hats, tools, toys, jewelry and gifts.

You will never know how many people will be ministered to through your Christian t-shirt message, but you can know for sure that God’s word will not return to Him without succeeding in its intended purpose (Isaiah 55:11).

Browse the unique and growing selection of Christian t-shirts and gifts at Crossroads Depot and share Jesus at work or at play.

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