Are you a musician or just a Roadie?? – Pick Jesus

Posted by Vito (Kerusso sales representative)

Indeed, let me tell you, to Pick Jesus is great — But do you make music with Jesus? Do you ‘perform’ together? Do people hear anything, do they come to listen?

Is it enough to just have a guitar pick? Do you not need to develop the skills to use that pick? Do you just carry Jesus in your pocket?

What good are you to others? Do you invest, practice, work at skills to improve? Learn to play – make music. How often and how hard do you try? Or do you just expect your ‘playing skills’ to come naturally or as a gift? Do musicians do it that way? When called to the stage to perform, have they not spent countless hours of work practicing alone & concentrated on their guitar? Will that show?

The more you invest, the better you get – the better music you get – the better music you make. People like and are attracted to music. Get good with God. He will Bless you and it will show.

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