Marie – Sales Admin. Asst.

When I came to work for Kerusso, I was hurting. I had been through turmoil that I could not understand in many different places in my life. I had been able to stay home with my son for years and when we started our own business, I had started working part time to try to hold up the other end financially. To make a long story short I tried to fix my situation on my own and was physically, emotionally and spiritually drained. I was in deep prayer and desperately seeking God’s answer, since my answer obviously didn’t work. (I wish that I had done that to begin with.)

A friend told me to go apply at Kerusso. I thought to myself, how awesome that would be to work for a company with a mission in Christ, but that’ll never happen. (I’m ashamed of myself.) I felt it was too good to be true, but after applying and interviewing I could feel it. I knew that if I did not receive that job that I would continue applying because this is where I am meant to be. I did get that job, in Jesus Name, but that was just the very beginning of the story.

Working at Kerusso is such a joy. I fell in love with my fellow employees and felt at home with them, like family. Kerusso is a company that gives so much to the community. Every time they see a need that we can somehow help with, there is never hesitation. As soon as we are able, help is on the trucks and down the road. I just never thought that I would need that help.

After working with them for a few short months, I started feeling sluggish and always achy. Something went wrong physically but I did not take the time to stop and get checked out. I was running around in a fog, and one day passed out in the bathrooms, scaring both my work Kerusso family and my immediate family. I still feel so badly about that. I had required surgery and over two months off of work. My Kerusso family took care of me and my family, though, for that entire time. They sent food and brought over hot meals for weeks, without fail. They had given us grocery money and bill money, some even paid the bills without us knowing until later. I am still so overwhelmed at the love and devotion that my Kerusso family has given me and my boys. Love that they showed to someone they had only known just a few short months. They sacrificed so much and welcomed me back without question.

I am still not sure how to properly thank all of them. Every time I try, I just blubber and end up saying, “Just Thank You”. I have known of families that have lost their businesses and their homes over very similar circumstances. People and families just like mine have been broken up, angry and bitter over even less than mine had gone through. Because of the love that Kerusso showed us, and because of the sacrifices that they had made, we did not have to go through what others had gone through, or lose what others had lost. I know that the Lord was in and through the entire situation, but these sweet people had to be sensitive to His voice. They had to be obedient to Him, and I am so thankful that they were and that they still are.

I have been with Kerusso for a little over a year now, and I cannot imagine ever not being here with this family that I have grown to love and admire. Every day there are new testimonies of people who have changed their T-shirt and changed their corner of the world. I believe in our mission and the other people working with me believe in it as well. Thank you, Kerusso, for being a company with a mission. Thank you for being a breeding ground for generosity and sacrifice for others. I cannot say it enough, Thank You.

Marie – Sales Admin. Asst.

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