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Vic-KennettOver 27 years ago I read and took to heart a passage of the Bible that changed the course of my life forever.

After Jesus was crucified, laid in the tomb and victoriously resurrected he appeared numerous times to many people including His disciples. The final command Jesus gave His Disciples before ascending to The Father is recorded in Mark 16:15; Jesus said, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to everyone.”

I read that verse and knew that as a disciple of Jesus that He was talking to me just as plainly as he was talking to the 11 he spoke to in person that day. As Christians we’ve been commanded to preach the Good News. Soon after hearing that call the inspiration to begin a Christian T-shirt company that would help believers preach the Good News was received.

The first thing I set about doing was coming up with a name for that company. I looked up the meaning of several Greek words from the New Testament as possible names and the one that seemed right was the word “kerusso” – the Greek word for “preach”. “Kerusso” is a verb, it’s an action. When our customers wear a Kerusso t-shirt, necklace or accessory they “kerusso” the good news!

Thank you for interest in working for Kerusso! To date, we have been able to sell over 11 Million t-shirt messages on believers around the world. If the estimates that say a t-shirt will be read 3000 times in its lifetime are correct, then you’ve helped us “kerusso” the Gospel 33 BILLION times!

We look forward to you joining the team!


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