For almost 25 years Kerusso has been creating Jesus T-Shirts that help Christians spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. Here is what one Kerusso fan said, “Out of the multitude of people I encounter on any given day, it's really just a small percentage that I actually get to interact with. So, when I'm not able to speak to somebody about what Christ has done for them, it's good to know that my shirt can. Thank you, Kerusso, for helping me to proclaim the Good News!”

Kerusso designs Religious Shirts that communicate the abundant life that is found only through Jesus Christ. When you wear one of these Christian T-Shirts, the Lord is glorified and His name is lifted up.

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father except through Christ. This truth is clearly communicated through each of Kerusso’s Jesus T-Shirts. There is no doubt left in the mind of those who read a Tee Shirt proclaiming who the one true God is.

A Kerusso Jesus Shirt is a must have in any believers wardrobe!