New Kids T-Shirts

Our New Kids T-Shirts for 2012 are now in stock! These great Children's Christian T-Shirts are the newest line of Kerusso clothing for kids.

Dino-mite Kids T-Shirts


In stock

Nothing says fun like a big green playful dinosaur, and who doesn'’t love dinosaurs? Little guys and girls will love wearing this great shirt that will... More 

Wanna Taco Kids T-Shirt



Calling all parents of kids who love Jesus: Your children are never too young to talk about Jesus. With the Wanna Taco Christian kids tee, your young ones... More 

Cherished Camper Kids T-Shirt



Sometimes your face can tell a story without saying a word. So, the question is, what story is your face telling? Does it tell the story of Acts 2:26 that... More 

Crazy About Jesus Kids T-Shirts


In stock

If foxes could say something, we are sure they would say they are crazy about Jesus. Thankfully, we aren’'t like foxes and we CAN say we are crazy about... More 

Kerusso also provides Personalized Christian Kids T-Shirts for your kids Youth Group, Church or Summer Camp.