Christian Junior Shirts

Christian Junior Shirts, designed and created by Kerusso, are sized to correspond to junior/misses sizing. These Junior Shirts feature our most fashion-forward graphics including our new sporty Cherished Girl T-Shirt line. Our Junior Girls Clothing represents the ultimate in style and comfort, featuring super-soft 100% combed cotton cut to a trim fit. Kerusso Christian Junior T-Shirts have today's style at a great price. Kerusso Christian T-Shirt fan Amy says, "Kerusso T-Shirts are clever, fashionable AND proclaim my love for God with everyone who reads them!" When you wear a Kerusso Tee, you fulfill the command that Jesus gave in Mark 13:10 of preaching the gospel wherever you go.

Our Junior Tees are printed on 100% combed cotton jersey for the ultimate in style and comfort—super soft and cut to a trim fit.

Shop Kerusso’s large selection of Christian Junior Shirts. Share your faith through each shirt that clearly and boldly proclaims the Word of God and the salvation that is found through Jesus Christ. When a Kerusso tee-shirt is read, there is no doubt about the message that you must trust in Jesus Christ alone to go to heaven.

With unique and original designs, Junior Girls Clothing from Kerusso provides ladies of all ages with a powerful tool to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. Kerusso even offers Christian Accessories to go with! Our Christian Junior Shirts are available to help you spread the Way, the Truth and the Life.