Cat Shirts

From YouTube videos featuring the antics of cats to funny cat shirts, people can’t get enough of cats. There’s no doubt that when you wear a cat t-shirt you are going to get a second look and most likely a third and fourth look. So, why not take advantage of those extra looks and slip in a message that can change eternity for someone?
Crazy About Jesus Kids T-Shirts


God Is Good T-Shirt


Glasses Kitty Christian Kidz Tee



Your cat tee shirts that have a message of hope printed on them may be just the thing someone needs. Kerusso Christian t-shirts have long been known for their ability to take pop culture humor and use it to grab people’s attention while sharing the Good News of Jesus at the same time. And with one of our cat shirts you will have that mix of humor and hope that can turn someone’s life toward Christ. 

The cat shirts for women that we have created are “purr-fect” (come on, you know we had to slip that in).  Age doesn’t matter when it comes to your love for cats, so whether you are young or simply young at heart, you can get in on the fun of sharing the love of Christ when you wear a Christian t-shirt.

Just think about it, who can resist the squinty eyes and long whiskers of a feline? So scoop up a cat shirt or two and begin to use the image of that cute, adorable and fuzzy little creature to tell others about the hope and life they can have by committing their life to Jesus.