Animal T-Shirts

With lighthearted and humorous designs, people won’t be able to stop looking at your shirt and reading the message that can change their lives. 1 John 1:1 describes how Jesus is the Word of Life; and on each and every animal shirt the life-giving Word of God is presented loud and clear. 

The late evangelist and missionary, T.L. Osborn, summed up what should be the focus of our lives. He said it plain and simple, “One way: Jesus! One job: Evangelism!” You may not be called to be a full time evangelist or missionary but you are called to represent Christ. You have been called to love Jesus and share that love with those the Holy Spirit leads you to. 

Our men’s animal shirts have been designed with that “one job” in mind – to share Jesus. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing our Christian t-shirts while doing yard work, playing a pick game of basketball or hanging out with the family at the park, you will always be shining the light of Christ because of the message printed on your stylish animal shirt.

Grab your animal t-shirt, get ready to head out into the wild we call life and see how God will use you to change a life today.