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Clearance Jewelry

Bargain hunters and frugal fashionistas have discovered Kerusso’s clearance jewelry and they love it. Our hip, fun and trendy jewelry are priced to move at 25-50% off so you can give your jewelry collection a fresh boost.

Turquoise - Cherished Necklace

$12.99   $6.49

Tube Cross Necklace - Christian Necklace

$14.99   $7.50

Tribal Cross Ring - Christian Ring

$6.50   $3.25

Stripes - Christian Headband

$8.99   $4.50

Rocks Star - Cherished Canvas Bracelet

$9.99   $4.99

Princess - Christian Headband

$8.99   $4.50

Pink - God Is My Hero - Guitar Pick Necklace

$9.99   $4.99

Metal Cross Bracelet - Black Leather Bracelet

$12.99   $6.49

Love - Christian Headband

$8.99   $4.50

Jesus Freak - Canvas Bracelet

$9.99   $4.99

His Princess Ring - Christian Ring

$3.99   $1.00

Heart/Cross - Cherished Spinner Ring

$6.49   $3.25

Heart Burst Ring - Christian Ring

$3.99   $1.00

Heart Burst - Cross Necklace

$7.99   $3.99

He Loves Me Ring - Christian Ring

$3.99   $1.00

God Loves Me - Cross Necklace

$7.99   $3.99

God Is Love Ring - Christian Ring

$3.99   $1.00

Faith Tag Key Ring - I Love JC

$3.99   $1.99


Clearance Necklaces

With Kerusso jewelry you can blend fashion and faith to share the Good News of who Christ is. Each us are called to be a witness and an ambassador of the Kingdom of God and the jewelry you wear can support that calling. When you hang jewelry around your neck, slip on a bracelet or put a ring on your finger you could be putting on a piece of jewelry that leads to a conversation about the new life that is found in Jesus Christ.

Stretch your budget and take advantage of the great deals found on our Christian clearance necklaces. Each Kerusso necklace is a reminder of the love that God has for each and every person. You will love wearing these high quality, truth-bearing necklaces that will help you share the love of God with the people you come in contact with.

Clearance Bracelets

Dollars go further and jewelry collections grow when you take advantage of the Kerusso clearance bracelet department here on our site. Quality, style and a powerful message are combined in each of these bracelets. Kerusso bracelet is a powerful visual reminder of the sacrifice that Christ made for us. The style may be casual but the purpose of each bracelet is to point people to the Way, Truth and Life that is only found through Jesus.

Clearance Rings

Fingers everywhere are very happy as they are being adorned with amazing Kerusso jewelry purchased from our clearance ring section. From fun and colorful acrylic rings to stainless steel rings Kerusso rings proclaim God’s love and affection for mankind. And although these are small objects they share a huge message that cannot be contained by anything or anyone.

Our clearance jewelry is filled with great buys but quantities are limited so check out the selection today and make your purchase.