Who said sharing the gospel had to be stuffy and boring? With something as fun and simple as a stretch bracelet wrapped around your wrist, telling others about the Good News of Christ will never be a bore. Jesus has provided joy to those who put their trust in Him and with the help of Kerusso you can share that joy with confidence.

Each of our four bracelets has a short but powerful message from God’s Word. ‘Faith, Hope and Love’ serve as a constant reminder to the three most powerful words that exist.  The ‘Walk by Faith’ bracelet points to 2 Corinthians 5:7 that says, “For we live by faith, not by sight.” Our ‘Chevron Cross’ design presents the center of what our faith is built on. And the ‘Jesus Loves You’ stretch bracelet brings it all home with the most important truth that anyone can hear about.

Are you ready to start changing the world through the simple act of wearing a Christian Stretch Bracelet? Don’t hide your light, be bold and begin sharing your faith with your friends and family. As you place the bracelet on your wrist ask the Holy Spirit to direct your footsteps and conversations and see what happens – you just might see a life changed for eternity.