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Christian Cuff Bracelets

Be bold and show off your faith with a Christian Cuff Bracelet. Sometimes wearing a Christian T-shirt is not appropriate but a leather cuff bracelet just may fit the bill. Our Christian Cuff Bracelets let you wear the message of Jesus wherever you go.

Each and every men’s cuff bracelet features unique materials, castings and powerful messages. By wearing one of our Christian Cuff Bracelets you can share your faith and accentuate your personal style.

Shield Braid Bracelet


John Three Stitched Cuff Bracelet



You will love the wide cuffs that feature rich leather, original castings and unique finishes. And of course, because it’s a Kerusso Faith Gear Christian Cuff Bracelet it will feature a message that points to Jesus. Psalm 121:1-2 gives us encouragement and promise – I lift up my eyes to the mountains, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. When you wear a cuff bracelet you will have a constant reminder that when things get tough you can turn your eyes toward the Lord and find peace and help.

Don’t be ashamed of the Savior and the God whom you serve – let your light and life shine before all men that they may know they can have life and a future. You don’t need to let the temptations of this world dim your light – you can let it shine bright in the midst of darkness.

With our Christian Cuff Bracelets, you will place yourself in the perfect position to let the Holy Spirit use you to present salvation to the people you come in contact with each and every day. People are searching for meaning and purpose. Because you have given your life to Christ, the search is over and you can help others discover the joy of knowing Christ.

Will you rise to the occasion and let God use you? Say yes and see what He does!